MSU CVM Internal Medicine Clerkship

SCS 647 - Internal Medicine 3-week Clinical Clerkship. The student shall be able to:
  • obtain a complete and accurate history
  • perform a complete physical exam with accurate descriptions of abnormal findings
  • keep accurate and complete medical records using a problem-oriented approach
  • demonstrate compassion for and attention to the individual needs of his/her patients and clients
  • accurately assess objective and subjective data in order to formulate reasonable diagnostic and therapeutic plans or, given the diagnosis, establish appropriate therapy, prognosis and client education.
SCS 647 - Internal Medicine has a clincial staff of veterinarians with special expertise in internal medicine combined with years of experience. Our Senior/Primary clinicians are Diplomates of the American College of Internal Medicine, and many, if not all, have completed postgraduate training.
Journals, books, computer databases, rounds, continuing education activities, etc are available.
The student, under the supervision of VTH clinicians will assume responsibility for management of patients with medical disorders, including identification of problems and formulation of diagnostic and therapeutic plans. This specifically includes hygiene, grooming, exercise, nursing care, data collection, record keeping, treatment, client education and participation in rounds.
VTH Staff, which includes board certified clinical faculty, as well as residents, interns, technicians.
Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
D208 VMC
East Lansing, MI 48824-1314
piket [at] cvm [dot] msu [dot] edu
Kate M. Holan, DVM, DACVIM
Updated: 03/31/11