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Morehead Veterinary Clinic

Small Animal
animal, medical, surgical, dental care. I will also help with some
practice management insights that I have gained over the last 16 years.
  • One
    on One training, medical rounds.
  • We do an extensive amount of grooming
    and my previous extern greatly appreciated the experience gained from
    examining each grooming patient.
  • We also are one of the leading dental
    clinics in the area and will share what knowledge we have gained.
Computer access, Books and Journals as needed.
  • Exams,
    diagnostic workup, develop a treatment plan, discuss with me, and then
    implement plan.
  • Also, I will expect student to perform spay-neuter
    surgeries and then other surgeries as skills and confidence grows.
hours a day for 5 days a week. Emergency work is not required by
student but I will notify student and they will have option of coming in
to assist.
Morehead Veterinary Clinic
103 Bartlett Dr

Morehead Ky 40351
606 780-7387
606 784-5061
Anthony W. Stansbury DVM
Updated: 02/03/12
Morehead, KY
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