Midstate Veterinary Service

Number of students reviewing: 
Average student review (out of five): 
Type of Experience:
Mixed animal practice: 60% Dairy/20% Equine/20%SA.
40,000 mature dairy cows in practice.
7 veterinarians in practice
Student will rotate through clinic services. He/She will work with several experienced (minimum of 4 years in practice) clinicians across a broad range of species and services. There will be the opportunity to concentrate on areas of special interest to the applicant.
Assist with herd checks (palpations, examination of sick cows, dehorning, assisting in surgeries).
Restraint of animals, administering of medications/treatments.
Participation in discussions of cases; on individual animals and herd scenarios.
8-12 hours per day. 5 days per week. Assisting with weekend on-calls is optional.
Midstate Veterinary Service
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Cortland, NY 13045
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Paul Coen, DVM
Posted: 10/17/12