Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital

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Mixed animal general practice. 
Students usually select practice for food-animal experience. Half of our income is from cattle. We are the primary dairy practice in our milkshed and focus on dairy herd management. We also do some embryo transfer and are increasing our beef client base. Practice has active microbiology lab.
  • Gerald Aguiar, D.V.M.
  • Joseph Korn, D.V.M.
Belong to ADSA, AVMA, AABP, SFT, AETA, IETS, NMC. Practice uses Cornerstone practice management software. Dairies use DC305 or DHIA Provo for management software. Prescription database and Microbiology Lab database are written in MS Access. Current practice library.
Participate in clinic duties with veterinarians, including farm calls. Students will be allowed to do as much as the supervising veterinarian and student feel comfortable with allowing.
Student will primarily be with Dr. Karle throughout rotation. Student are provided constant contact with and free access to veterinarians. Student will usually be under direct doctor supervision 8-12 hours per day 5 days per week. Weekends can be spent sightseeing or by going on any calls the on-call doctor has.
Students are able to stay in a travel trailer parked at Dr. Karle's house.
Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital
4422 County Road N.
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Michael Karle, D.V.M.
Updated: 02/16/12