Meigs Veterinary Clinic

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Mixed animal practice that does many elective and soft tissue surgeries as well as wellness exams and treatment of sick animals. We also do ambulatory farm work 6 days a week and emergency work at farms as well as at the clinic 7 days a week.
Mixed animal practice which has been in business for 33 years and employs 2 doctors. About 75% small animal with surgeries and general practice including wellness exams, and treatment of sick animals as outpatients and hopitalized patients. Also large animal including equine and food animal
Various textbooks.
To assist with morning surgeries and appointments. Taking care of inpatients which may include giving medications under direction of the veterinarian, walking the animals, feeding, watering, performing physical examinations, and discussing treatment plans and options. Client communication such as contacting clients to update them on the condition of there animal, answering the phone to set up appointments and checking in new patients and collecting the history of the patient.
Days average 10 -12 hours and student will be on weekdays and Saturday, and available for emergencies. Evening hours on tuesdays and thursdays as well.
Meigs Vet Clinic
247 Mulberry Avenue
Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
(740) 992-6653
(740) 992-6654
shilogr [at] yahoo [dot] com
Kelly Grueser
Posted: 04/09/14