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Mayville Animal Clinic


This is a primarily dairy area encompassing 75% of our business. We are a progressive mixed animal practice with all of the bells and whistles. Your experience here would allow you to master both palpation and individual cow medicine. For those with an interest, we also have 3 equine practitioners and 4 small animal practitioners.


Associate Veterinarian and special expertise available

Our resources are endless. Each veterinarian in the practice has a particular interest. We have a board certified theriogeniologist on staff, and 2 certified spinal manipulation veterinarians on staff, expertise in general medicine, reproduction, semen evaluation, record analysis, barn design, ultrasound, micro lab, and general practice management.

Educational Resources

We have an extensive library, computer resources and meeting weekly.


We are part of the ambulatory rotation for Wisconsin Vet school, and feel like the most important thing we can say here is...a willingness to participate and learn.

Student Supervision

50 or 60 hours per week



Practice Information

Mayville Animal Clinic
N 7860 State Hwy 67
Mayville, WI 53050

Ph: (866) 387-4191
Fx: (920) 387-441


Updated: 6/1/09
Signature on file: Darren M. Ruff, DVM

Mayville, WI
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