Maria Stein Animal Clinic, Inc.

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6 doctor, 3 clinic Mixed Practice 60% Dairy, 10% Swine, 30% pets. Dairy clients range from 15 to 5000 cows. Sudents actively (You will Palpate & do Surgery) in herd health visits, sick cow work, export heifer processing, dystocia, and consultation visits.
Daily on farm and in clinic animal care
  • Dr. Mark Hardesty
  • Dr. Laura Nusbaum
  • Dr. Em Mowrer
Information not provided
  • Assist practitioners with daily duties.
  • Have good attitude, boots, coveralls, lunch. We can provide the last 3 for most people.
  • Students that are instate, may choose to visit for a day before the internship.
Yes, has been provided
Maria Stein Animal Clinic, Inc.
8155 SR 119
Maria Stein, OH 45860
hvcow [at] bright [dot] net
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Dr. Mark Hardesty
Updated: 02/06/12