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Loyalhanna Veterinary Care

General small animal medicine and surgery with strong emphasis on preventive and proactive care. Student
will participate in all aspects of patient care, including but not
limited to diagnostics, surgical assistance, treatment protocols, client
education, and in-patient care.
Ultrasound, CO2 LASER, digital radiography. Rapid access to several nearby full-service referral hospitals.
Information Network subscriber, consults available with specialists
through telemedicine. Full in-house library, opportunities for local and
distant continuing education seminars.
will be expected to participate fully in outpatient clinics, surgeries,
inpatient rounds. Students will also be expected to ditectly
participate in history taking and client education.
a three-doctor practice, there is generally at least one doctor present
in the clinic for 7 hours on the shorter days and 10-11 hours on our
extended weekdays, plus 4 hours on Saturdays.
Yes, by prior arrangement
Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic
397 Hauger-Hood Road

Stahlstown, PA 15697
Lynn S. Springer DVM
Updated: 02/18/11
Stahlstown, PA
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