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Los Caballos Equine Practice, Inc.

Hands on experience with an equine only practitioner. Experience will be available in the clinic as well as in the field.
Caballos Equine Practice, Inc. is an equine exclusive veterinary clinic
focusing on sports medicine, lameness, digital diagnostic imaging and
general surgery. Services offered by Dr. Noel S. Muller, ISELP include:
digital x-ray, digital ultrasound, regenerative cell medicine therapy
and acupuncture. Limited ambulatory services are available
The student will have access to a number of resources such as journals, text books, videos, etc.
participating student will be expected to be active in all aspects of
the practice. Areas of participation will include, but may not be
limited to: participating in examinations (physical, acupuncture,
dynamic), performing and reading digital ultrasound and x-ray
examinations, consulting with clients, administrative duties (such as
reviewing and updating patient files), and daily clinic activities
(treatments, cleaning, etc.)
student will be expected to be at the clinic during normal business
hours (Monday thru Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-4). The supervising
veterinarian will be available to speak/interact with the student
throughout the duration of their stay. Additionally, the supervising
veterinarian may plan educational clinics/activities outside of normal
business hours or on the weekend.
Los Caballos Equine Practice, Inc.
24806 N Kennefick Road
Galt, California 95632
(209) 334-1660
(209) 368-4120
Noel S. Muller, DVM, ISELP
Updated: 03/28/12
Galt, CA
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