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Landisville Animal Hospital

Landisville Animal Hospital is a busy 3 and 1/2 Doctor small animal hospital.
will follow Drs through appointments and surgeries. Will be allowed to
do surgeries with supervision. We offer ultrasound, digital xray, and
progressive dentistry with dental radiology.
We have referral specialists close buy.
Large library of up to date texts and journals. VIN access.
drs through appointment schedules. Assist with surgeries and perform
surgeries with supervision. Assist and perform dentistry tasks.
Interact with clients and staff. We would be able to offer a great
taste of general practice.
are open and seeing appointments 6 days a week. Hours can be flexible.
Some split shifts would provide the best experience for time.
Landisville Animal Hospital
3035 Harrisburg Pike

Landisville, PA 17538
Carla Douple, DVM
Posted: 12/10/12
Landisville, PA
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