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Kindler Animal Hospital


Very busy small animal practice; large volume of spays/neuters through work with local SPCA. Student can gain surgical experience on these animals. Radiographs, chem/CBC done in hospital.


Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available

Solo practice with no special expertise or postgraduate training. I work closely with a local vet that is very active in orthopedic surgery. Student would be welcome to assist him.

Educational Resources

  • good library
  • most journals


Assist in surgery, take & read radiographs, draw bloods, use machines to help diagnose diseases, do office calls under supervision. Spay/neuter SPCA animals alone with supervisor's close observation.

Student Supervision

10 hrs/day; 50 hrs/wk



Practice Information

Kindler Animal Hospital
69999 Barton Road
St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Ph: 740-695-9441
Fx: 740-695-9441


Updated: 1/6/09
Signature on file: Dorsey B. Kindler, DVM

St. Clairsville, OH
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