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Kennebec Veterinary Services, Inc.

Private practice mixed animal with emphasis on companion animal and dairy.
will work side-by-side with the veterinary staff in seeing out-patient
appointments, small animal surgery, in-patient case management in a
rural Maine setting. They will also accompany veterinarians on
ambulatory visits to farms, primarily dairy but with some equine and
small ruminant as well. The clinic provides 24 hour emergency coverage,
so an opportunity to participate in emergency cases may be available.
Besides the practice owner, Dr. Smith, the interns will have much time spent with 2 associate veterinarians as well.
clinic maintains a fairly up-to-date library of reference materials as
well as utilizing on-line resources. We hold informal rounds at the end
of each day
will be expected to be present during business hours from 8AM until 5PM
(or longer depending on emergency cases). They will be required to
evaluate patients, form treatment plans, participate (scrub-in) in
surgery, and practice client communications (obviously with veterinary
will have access at all times to one or more veterinarians on staff. (9
hours per day on Mondays through Fridays, and 8 until noon on
Saturdays, as well as during any emergency cases seen "after hours")
No, but low cost hotels within a few miles of clinic
Kennebec Veterinary Services, Inc.
36 Highland Drive

Oakland, Maine 04963
Dr. Paul Smith
Updated: 08/31/2012
Oakland, ME
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