Kendall Road Equine Hospital

Externship in an equine medicine/surgery referral practice.
Externs will be assisting clinicians and interns in daily treatments, outpatient workups, surgeries and emergencies after hours and on weekends.
Hospital with 20+ stalls, 3 exam rooms,surgery suite 2 recovery stalls, 4 isolation stalls. equipment includes 2 digital xray units, ultrasound, shockwave therapy and more. 6 veterinarians currently associated with the practice including 2 interns and a board certified surgeon.
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Students are expected to participate and assist in daily treatments, patient workups and surgeries. Responsibilities of the student will depend on the students experience and aptitiude. students are encouraged to get involved with the whole process as much as possible.
Students will be directly supervised by a veterinarian while performing their duties. Office hours are from 8 - 4 MTTHF and 8-12 W. we offer 24 hr emergency service.
Kendall Raod Equine Hospital
10N051 Kendall Rd
Elgin, IL 60124
krehosp [at] gmail [dot] com
Dr. John R Vacek
Updated: 03/07/11