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Johnson Animal Clinic


Assisting and observing within the surgical and internal medicine service.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Consultation available with internal medicine, surgical, and radiology specialists in the surrounding area.

Educational Resources

Library of veterinary textbook published and medical journals.


  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Assisting and providing optimal animal care
  • Assist and perform feline onchiectomy, neuters, spays, and tumor removals under veterinary supervision
  • Administer anesthesia
  • Perform venipuncture
  • Internal Medicine cases which consist of obtaining a history, perfoming a physical exam, establishing a problem list with differentials, which diagnostic tests to perform to obtain a diagnosis, and treatment plan once diagnosis is obtained
  • Client communication

Student Supervision

8-6 Monday through Friday 8-1 Saturday
Always under direct veterinary supervision, access to veterinarian 24 hrs/day



Practice Information

Johnson Animal Clinic
3838 Taylorsville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40220

Ph: 502-456-2870
Fax: 502-456-2782


Updated: 04/27/10
Signature On File: Dr. Jerry Bode

Louisville, KY
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