Johannesburg Zoo

Anaesthesia, preventative medicine, surgery of zoo animals. Rigid and flexible endoscopy, radiography and ultrasound examination of zoo animals. Post mortem examination of zoo species. Conservation programs.
2 veterinarians, 2 veterinary nurses, avian haematology in house. certificate in Zoological medicine (RCVS), Masters in wildlife (University of Pretoria)
Daily rounds, journals, CPD presentations including power pont, CDs and DVDs
assist with clinical work and post mortems for zoo and wild animal species
Student will be with a vet for 8 hours a day and 4 hours on weekends
Johannesburg Zoo
Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkview 2193, South Africa
+27 116462000 ext 239
katja [at] jhbzoo [dot] org [dot] za
Dr Katja Koeppel
Updated: 01/24/11