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Idaho Equine Hospital

Equine Hospital will provide quality training and experience in a
supportive and instructive team setting by offering a diverse case load
in a high quality equine practice. Idaho
Equine hospital has evolved over the last 40 years into an exclusively
equine referral and primary care hospital located 20 miles west of
Boise. Idaho Equine Hospital provides care for a variety of conditions
from simple lacerations and herd health management to complex fractures,
colic surgeries and intensive care neonatal foals. The majority of the
cases are western performance horses.
board certified surgeons, 1 general surgeon, 1 board certified
internist, 1 reproduction/medicine veterinarian, 3 ambulatory
veterinarians, 2 interns.
Medicine rounds Friday, surgery rounds Wednesday.
daily workload is highly variable based on the time of the year. On
average 8 to 12 clinic hours daily can be expected. After hour
emergencies and weekend duties are shared on a rotating basis between
the 2 interns and externs are expected to assist with the emergencies.
are rotated between medicine and surgery and work with the in house
veterinarians. At night and on weekends they will work with the interns
and on call veterinarians.
Idaho Equine Hospital
16080 Equine Dr

Nampa, Idaho 83687
208 466 4613
208 466 7859
Liz Scott DVM
Updated: 03/02/11
Nampa, ID
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