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The Howell Mill Wellness Clinic of the Atlanta Humane Society

have the opportunity to develop their clinical acumen by managing
medical cases presented by our hosptial clients and their pets, as well
as an opportunity to strengthen their surgical skills by performing
ovariohysterectromy and castration surgeries on shelter animals.
Occasionally opportunities to perform other surgeries are available but
not guaranteed. Students work under the supervision of a veterinarian
at all times.
externship is open to third and fourth year students at accredited
schools of veterinary medicine. We invite students to spend four weeks
with us to gain clinical experience in a shelter setting. Some students
are only available for 2-3 week externships. This is acceptable.
Students are allocated the time slots they request on a first come
basis. Only one student at a time can participate in the program. We
are unable to accept students who are in the city for other externships,
neither can we accommodate a request to come to perform surgery only.
Our hospital is open to the public. The first 3-4 days is orientation
to our policies and protocols. Students will begin seeing clients by
day 4 or 5 of the first week. During weeks two through the end of their
tenure, students work in outpatient services in the mornings from 8-12
and in surgery in the afternoon from 1 to 4. The clinic/hospital hours
are Monday through Friday 8-5 with one hour for lunch. The student's
last day of surgery is on the Wednesday of the last week of their
tenure. Outpatient services usually consists of examinations for
various presentations - eyes, ears, lameness, illness and of course,
wellness examinations and vaccinations and other more routine
procedures. We don't perform orthopedeic surgeries or manage chronic
illnesses. Blood work is referred to Antech. We are an SPCA and
sometimes see cases of abuse or neglect.
The veterinarian's personal library. Students are encouraged to bring their personal reference materials.
are to manage the medical and surgical cases as they are presented.
Students do not perform surgeries or procedures of any kind on owned
animals. In the case of owned animals, a student may assist the
attending veterinarian. The students surgical cases are mainly
sterilizations performed on healthy, adoptable shelter animals.
Additionally, students are required to carry liability insurance with
the AVMA/PLIT or otherwise provide proof of liability insurance coverage
that is provided by their school.
student will work under the supervision of two veterinarians: an
attending veterinarian in outpatient services and an attending
veterinarian in the surgical area. The hours are 8-5 Monday through
Friday with one hour for lunch. The clinic/hospital is closed on
Saturday and Sunday. Students will have access to the staff
veterinarian at all times. Telephone access is available for after
hours and weekend needs.
Yes. The apartment is onsite and a $150 stipend is provided.
The Howell Mill Wellness Clinc of the Atlanta Humane Society
981 Howell Mill Road, NW

Atlanta, GA 30318
404 974-2820
404 875-6723
Gloria J. Dorsey, DVM, MPH
Updated: 03/05/12
Atlanta, GA
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