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Houston Zoo, Inc.


Assist veterinarian in daily routine, ie medicine and surgery of zoo animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians), preventative medicine, necropsy, nutrition, training.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Maud Lafortune, DMV, MsC, DACZM (UFlorida Residency Zoo Medicine)
  • Lauren Howard, DVM, DACZU (Residency Zoo Medicine - California)
  • Maryanne Tocidlowski, DVM, DACZM (Residency Zoo Medicine, N.C.)
  • Joe Flanagan, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services

Educational Resources

  • Large library with books & articles
  • Access to computer & web
  • Daily morning rounds
  • Weekly vet rounds


  1. Accompany vets in rounds in the zoo
  2. Lab work
  3. Assist on procedures
  4. Assist on necropsies
  5. Give 20 min. presentation at the end of externship

Student Supervision

100% of the time, ie 40+ hr/week. We are 4 vets, 4 techs, 4 clinic keeper per 1 veterinary student.



Practice Information

Houston Zoo, Inc.
1315 N. MacGregor
Houston, TX 77030

ph: 713-533-6632
fax: 713-533-6764


Signature on file: Maud Lafortune, Associate Veterinarian (DMV, MsC, DACZM)
Updated on: 2/26/2008

Houston, TX
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