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H&E West Missouri Veterinary Clinic

clinic is 50% Beef Cattle (Primarily cow/calf), 40% Small animal
medicine/surgery, 10% Variety of other species. Our clinic has 3 full
time veterinarians in rural, west-central Missouri. We are currently
set up with the University of Missouri College of Vet Med as an External
Food Animal/Therio Teaching Program.
Animal Med/Surgery, Cow/Calf beef production, herd health, therio,
medicine and surgery. Student will also be introduced into business
  • David Hoagland, DVM
  • Larry Engeman, DVM
  • Bill Brownsberger, DVM
Text library, video library, newsletter library; educational emphasis on nutrition and wellness
will shadow veterinarians within all aspects of our clinic. Student
will be allowed "hands-on" participation within their competency level
and with owners permission.
9-10 hours per day M-F, 4-5 hours on Saturday. After hours and weekends if emergency work is needed.
Housing may be available depending on time of year.
H&E West Missouri Vet. Clinic
106 W. 5th St

Appleton City, MO 64724
David Hoagland DVM
Posted: 09/13/2013
Appleton City, MO
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