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Harrod Veterinary Clinic

Small Animal Practice. Some Equine. Assist
in all aspects of practice. Initial meetings with clients,
identification of presenting problems, Hx taking and examination. On
site ancillary lab work and radiology. Discuss with client Dx and Rx.
Follow ups to therapy.

Assist in surgeries pre op to post op as well as follow up care and recovery.
Internet access to several publications for reference. Idexx and Antech lab consultations.

Online cont ed classes available also from Idexx and several other online sources.
Treat each case as if you have sole responsible for the outcome.

I believe that a student has to accept full responsibility for the
care dx and rx of each patient to fully make the transition to becoming a
practitioner. Relying on the clinician to answer all the questions
doesn't develop the students capabilities.
all hours of operation. 40hrs per week minimum. Many times overtime,
no lunch late hours into evening. Real life in the office.
Harrod Veterinary Clinic
PO Box 148

Harrod, Oh 45850

181 5 S Napoleon rd

Ph: 419-648- 2901
Fax: 419-648 - 9966
Update: 12/02/10
Signature on file: Michael Skiver DVM
Harrod, OH
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