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Harborview Animal Hospital

Clinical orientation in small animal general practice
introduction to the day-to-day practice of small animal veterinary
practice, including patient evaluation, laboratory and diagnostic
testing, diagnosis formation and formulation of treatment plans, and
Clinic library, journals, online resources
will be assigned as the clinical supervisor becomes familiar with the
skills and knowledge of student. Punctuality, professional appearance
and demeanor will be required of all students.
6 hours three days, three hours one day for a total of 21 hours weekly
This is a vacation area with very high rental costs. Student will have to make their own arrangements.
Harborview Animal Hospital
2360 East Harbor Road

Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 734-5493
(419) 734-5202
Robert R. Geiger D.V.M.
Posted: 11/06/13
Port Clinton, OH
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