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Hanson-Meekins Animal Hospital

Small Animal - General practice: Small Animal Medicine and Surgery - General Practice - Primarily Dog & Cat - Few Exotics
None of the Veterinarians at our practice are boarded in any field - closest specialty hospital is two hours away.
VIN, JAVMA, Current Med. and Surgery texts
Assist in routine surgery, complete physical exams, interact with staff, veterinarians and clients.
40+ hours per week. Wed & Sat 1/2 days
Limited - if available, they can live at the clinic
Hanson-Meekins Animal Hospital
25 E. Lockhart Ave
Coos Bay OR 97420
Ph: 541-269-2415
Fax: 541-269-7560
Updated: 12/8/10
Signatures on file: Dr. Dan Meekins / Dr. Jill Hanson
Coos Bay, OR
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