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Greenville Veterinary Clinic, LLC

doctor mixed animal practice in NW PA. Large animal portion is
primarily dairy and equine. Student will participate in large animal
calls, small animal surgery, and small animal outpatient appointments.
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4 DVM's, each with their owner species of interest.
teaching style emphasizing case management. Some opportunity for
student to perform surgery on their own with supervision of humane
society animals.
  • Actively
    participate in daily cases.
  • Particpate in emergency calls on an as
    available basis.
  • For students electing to live at the hospital,
    checking on patients late night as needed.
student activity will directly supervised by one of our veterinarians
or licensed technicians. Student does not function without some level
of oversight at all times. The level provided depends on the individual
student's level of competency.
Greenville Veterinary Clinic, LLC
409 E. Jamestown Rd.

Greenville, PA 16125
724 588-5260
724 588-9645
Tammy Clark, DVM
Updated: 03/26/12
Greenville, PA
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