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Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Sea turtle and other turtle rehab, zoological medicine, wildlife rehab, health related research exposue
years of experience in Zoological and Wildlife medicine. Diplomate
American College of Zoological Medicine. Established the GSTC. Director
and Veterinarian.
Fully equipped veterinary hospital and rehab facility. Refer to website for details.
Books and journals available to the student. Intern manual provided. Knowledgeable staff.
Engage in all aspects of wildlife medicine and surgery. Student project required.
Terry Norton will supervise student. Staff very knowledgeable and can
teach a lot to students. Minimum of 8 hours per day 5 days a week. More
is very likely.
Yes. Housing provided.
Georgia Sea Turtle Center
214 Stable Road

Jekyll Island, GA 31527
Terry M. Norton
Updated: 02/28/12
Jekyll Island, GA
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