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Zoological/Wildlife Medicine
Fossil Rim’s veterinary preceptorship is designed to provide experience in nondomestic animal medicine with a focus on the application of veterinary medical principles to semi-free ranging species and conservation medicine.

Students will be responsible for assisting with case management, pathology, preventative medicine, rounds discussions, record keeping and special projects if time permits.
Experience consists of veterinary care and management of 1,000+ specimens of over 40 species held at a 1,700 acre facility (including free-ranging hoofstock, carnivores, and birds) with a focus on conservation oriented veterinary medicine.

Students will assist with daily procedures, including immobilization of semi-free ranging hoofstock. They will assist with anesthesia monitoring, planning anesthetic protocols. They will get hands on experience with phlebotomy, IV catheter placement, performing in house CBCs, McMaster's fecals, dart gun practice.
Two full time veterinarians and a veterinary technician. Director of Animal Health has 8 years experience in zoological medicine, Associate Vet has 5 years.
We supply students with articles and reading materials on a multitude of topics, and discuss in informal journal rounds. We have many articles and books on the computer and in our libraries, and access to TAMU library for article or book request.
  • Must be self motivated, be on time, able to work well with our Animal Care staff.
  • Students should be willing and able to research topics that come up with cases.
  • Students may need to help lift large animals, or hike to locate a darted animal.
  • Students will need to be able to be outdoors in any weather conditions.
  • Specifically, students will help write medical records, assist with procedures and monitoring anesthesia; so they will need good writing skills and excellent attention to detail.
Students typically work 6 days a week, and there is at least one veterinarian here everyday. 8 x 6hr = 48 hours.
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