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Fort Sill Veterinary Treatment Facility (U.S. Army)

Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Equine medicine, some exotic wildlife medicine
run a small animal clinic on Monday-Friday. We perform general surgery
on small animals Tuesday-Thursday of each week. We also run a stray
facility where we perform routine vaccinations, microchipping, and spays
or neuters if applicable prior to adopting the pets out. We provide 24
hour, 7 day a week care to 12 horses, 1 donkey, 1 goat, and 40 Military
Working Dogs. We also provide care to 2 bobcats, 1 coyote, 4 deer,
various avian species, 1 racoon, and 2 foxes that live at a zoo on Fort
Information not provided
Information not provided
participating students would be responsible for monitoring anesthesia,
performing spay/neuters on the stray facility animals, helping the
veterinarian provide care to the horses, military working dogs, donkey,
goat, active duty owned pets, and assorted wildlife, aiding the
veterinarian with general surgeries.
will be provided by any of the following personnel: CPT Erin Pittman,
CPT Jarod Hanson, SGT Claire Sitzes, Dr. Elizabeth Baca, and/or Dr.
Keith Parish.
Fort Sill Veterinary Treatment Facility
721 Macomb Road

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

CPT Erin C. Pittman
Updated: 02/22/12
Fort Sill, OK
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