Foal and Cria Sitting

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What are foals and crias? A foal is a baby horse, and a cria is a baby llama or alpaca. As foals and crias come into the OSU Large Animal Clinic, they may need a "sitter." Sitters are generally pre-vet students (however, you do not have to be pre-vet to be a sitter) who stay with the foal or cria. Students rotate through shifts that are 2-4 hours long, so that the patient has 24 hour nursing care as long as necessary.

Sitters are very important in caring for these babies. Technicians and hospital staff are often very busy, and cannot spare time to sit with a critical patient while there are so many other animals needing care. Sitters are in charge of watching the foal/cria to be sure that it's kept comfortable, clean and dry, and in the correct position (laying, sternal, etc.). Often, the patient has IV lines or other tubing, and the sitter must make sure that the foal/cria doesn't chew the lines or get tangled in them. If something happens or requires attention, the sitter is there to notify the vets or techs.

Once you commit to a shift (schedules are done quarter by quarter), you are expected to keep that schedule for the quarter. If there's no foal/cria in, then you won't have to sit, but you still must be available during your shift in case something is admitted. If you know in advance you can't work during your shift (ie: home for a weekend, upcoming test, etc.), YOU are responsible for finding a replacement. Please plan ahead, especially for holidays/extended weekends. If you cannot commit to a shift, but would like to be a sub, that's OK also. Just specify that you'd like to be a sub only on your application.

For more information, see the links below, or contact roy [dot] 85 [at] osu [dot] edu (Sarah Roy), dilley [dot] 27 [at] osu [dot] edu (Joanna Dilley), or weagle [dot] 2 [at] osu [dot] edu (Wendy Weagle), Foal/Cria Sitting Coordinators.