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Falls Road Animal Hospital

small animal experience with dogs, cats, exotics, and pocket pets.
Hospital is a busy 24 hr practice that focuses on routine medical care,
emergency medicine, various surgery, and a discounted spay/neuter
Information not provided
  • Javma
  • journal of emergency medicine
  • numerous textbooks
  • vin
  • rounds during daytime and shift change
  • Students
    are expected to assist with emergencies, routine and emergency surgery,
    routine appointments and care for hospitalized patients.
  • Students will
    also be required to present a case study at the end of their experience.
  • This hospital is experienced with training and offers an excellent
    learning experience.
are open with a doctor on staff 24/7. Students can come in as much as
they would like, with a minimum of 40hrs/week. The student can decide
between five 8hr days, or four 10hr days per week.
Most students stay with a doctor at both of their discretions
Falls Road Animal Hospital
6314 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211
Karen Burks, DVM
Updated: 01/28/11
Baltimore, MD
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