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FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc.

Equine Veterinary Hospital and Equine Rescue
is an equine rescue that works closely with top veterinarians in the
area to provide medical care and a sanctuary for rescued horses and then
to re-home those horses that are suitable to go to new homes. To quote
our website, “FalconRidge was created as an innovative and efficient
equine rescue, sanctuary and educational training center in San Diego
County for both humans and horses.” The student will have the
opportunity to work with our main vet, Dr. Jeff Moss, at Creekside
Veterinary Service and Dr. Joe Cannon at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital,
and also learn about how our equine rescue operates and functions as
well as help vet new arrivals and learn about the horses currently on
Computer, books
  • At
    Creekside Veterinary Service and San Luis Rey Equine Hospital, the
    student will help with cases and treatment as expertise and time allow.
    Student will actively participate in ongoing cases.
  • At the rescue, the student will be expected to develop a formal
    checklist and chart to be used for a medical intake record of new
  • Student will also help develop physical therapy programs for
    horses on site that require rehabilitation.
  • Student will do fecal
    microscope exams to assess our current deworming protocol.
  • Student will
    help examine new rescue horses and help with any treatments of new or
    old arrivals.
  • Student will ensure that the emergency medical kit is
    properly stocked.
40 hours a week
FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc
Mailing Address:

FalconRidge Equine Rescue

P.O. Box 1500

Valley Center, CA 92082

Physical Address:

32190 Dowling Lane

Valley Center, CA 92082

(760) 742-0285
Nicki Branch
Updated: 11/15/11
Valley Center, CA
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