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On-Going Events

  • Clinical Pathology Rounds
    • Held every Friday from 12-1pm in VMC 0021 (in the basement of the hospital, next to the clinical labs). Join the Clin Path residents and faculty as they review interesting cases! Those with an interest in small animal oncology should find these sessions especially interesting!
  • Specialty Gross Pathology Rounds
    • hosted at various times throughout the month and include zoo pathology, dermatopathology, neuropathology, large animal pathology, etc. To keep informed of upcoming pathology rounds, please contact the club officers to be placed on the e-mail listserves.
  • Necropsy Floor
    • Students are always welcome on the necropsy floor Monday through Saturday. The fourth year students are generally out on the floor by mid-morning on weekdays and by 9AM on Saturdays. Wear scrubs and plastic shoe covers (shoe covers are provided), and ask lots of questions!
  • Histopathology Seminar
    • held on Thursday mornings at 8AM in Goss Room 212b. This seminar is geared towards the residents for boards preparation, but pathology-interested students should find this seminar quite enjoyable!