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Equine Specialty Hospital

for 3rd and 4th year veterinary students. Only 1 student is accepted
at any one time, to make sure each student has access to veterinarians
and resources.
hospital admits many surgical patients, both soft tissue and
orthopedic, as well as horses for lameness evaluations. The internal
medicine service performs ophthalmic, respiratory, and neurologic
evaluations, plus provides adult and neonatal intensive care. The
hospital is a referral hospital without ambulatory services and provides
24 hour, 7 day a week emergency care.
All three veterinarians at the hospital are boarded in Surgery (2) or Internal Medicine (1).
A reasonable library exists of current textbooks, as well as current surgical literature from 2002 to current.
are expected to observe all outpatient examinations and surgeries.
Additionally, students will be assisting the technicians and veterinary
assistants in the care of hospitalized horses. If staying on-site,
students are expected to assist with all emergencies, day or night, and
on weekends. If students are staying locally, they have the option of
returning to the hospital to assist with emergencies.
will have direct access to all three veterinarians on a daily basis,
Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, the veterinarian on call
will be available. Work days M-F are usually 9-5, during which time the
veterinarians are in the hospital.
yes, please call ahead to make sure.
Equine Specialty Hospital
17434 Rapids Road, Burton, OH 44021
(440) 834-0811
(440) 834-0626
Melissa Milligan, DVM, MS, DACVS
Updated: 02/09/12
Burton, OH
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