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Equine Infectious Disease Laboratory, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Senior lecturer in veterinary microbiology, Director of equine infectious disease laboratory, PhD in equine herpesvirus epidemiology and vaccine development, expert witness for the 2007-8 equine influenza inquiry, publications in several areas of equine microbiology including Rhodococcus equi etc.


Institutional Resources

Not on record.

Educational Resources

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The student will be expected to participate insample collection from live horses as well as from cadaver specimens. In addition, these samples will be subjected to a variety of laboratory tests, such as virus culture and PCR.

Student Supervision

All day and all week. We have four academic staff members who are vets, as well as one of our post-doctoral research fellows. In addition, we have three further post docs who are BSc, PhDs. There should not be anytime during the students visit that she cannot access a supervisor.



Practice Information

Equine Infectious Disease Laboratory Veterinary Pre-Clinical Centre
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia

ph: +61-3-8344-9969
fax: +61-3-8344-7674


Signature on file: Dr. James Gilkerson
Updated on: 2/25/2008

Victoria, Australia
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