End of the Year Party

June 10, 2010

"Can you believe that pharmacology exam?"

"I am sooo hot!"

"Hmmm, I believe I have been here before..."

"We are sooo ready to blow out of here!"

"Hey, can I take your pic?"

"If only my mother could see me now."

"You did not get a better grade than I did."

"Look at my white teeth. I've been hanging out in the dentistry lab in the hospital."

"Bestest friends."

"Apparently I did not get the memo about the red arm bands."

"We could almost be twins."

"Squeeze me tight. I need it after what I've been through."

"Bottoms up!"

"Can I squeeze into this picture?"

"I make these other two really look good."

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille."

"Take the picture already!"

"We are inseparable!"

"No, not her. Look at me!"

Two peas in a pod.