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Emory University Division of Animal Resources


The Emory University - Division of Animal Resources (DAR) Veterinary Externship Program is designed to provide interested third and fourth year veterinary medical students the opportunity to experience the field of Laboratory Animal Medicine. Laboratory Animal Medicine is an AVMA-recognized specialty that combines clinical medicine, preventative medicine, pathology, recognition/development of animal models, regulatory oversight, and collaborative/independent biomedical research.

The Emory University DAR oversees all aspects of the care of laboratory animals on campus. Species maintained include mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, macaques, amphibians, fish, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats. Students will observe and participate in the many of the responsibilities of a laboratory animal veterinarian primarily by shadowing the current residents and through interactions with the faculty veterinarians. The student's learning experience may include the following:

  1. Proper handling, restraint, and associated techniques used in working with laboratory animal species.
  2. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in laboratory animals.
  3. Anesthetic management and perioperative care of laboratory animals.
  4. The basic tenets of regulatory oversight.
  5. Familiarity with typical laboratory animal species. Including anatomy, physiology, and clinical medicine.
  6. Gross necropsy, pathology, and histology of laboratory animals.
  7. Animal models of human disease.
  8. Collaborative and independent biomedical research.
  9. IACUC Meeting attendance


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Michael J. Huerkamp, DVM, DACLAM
  • Deborah M. Mook, DVM, DACLAM
  • Douglas K. Taylor, DVM, DACLAM
  • Vanessa K. Lee, DVM

Educational Resources

  • Access to substantial library of materials.
  • Attendance of weekly veterinary staff meetings.
  • Attendance of IACUC meetings.


It is expected that the student engage in all aspects of the animal resources program as directed by the resident and faculty veterinarians. This will include but is not limited to: Clinical management of cases, Management of surgical cases, Necropsy, IACUC meeting attendance.

Student Supervision

The student will be supervised by and have access to resident and faculty veterinarians during the entirety of a work day.



Practice Information

Emory University Division of Animal Resources
615 Michael Street
Suite G-02 WBRB
Atlanta, GA 30322

Ph: 404-712-9658
Fax: 404-727-3212


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