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Ellicott Small Animal Hospital

Small animal hospital
animal hospital focusing on dog/cat preventative medicine and surgery.
Veterinarians in the practice have interests in orthopedic and other
non elective surgery, breeding/AI, acupuncture, and ultrasonography. We
are a practice that has a long time history of working with clientele
from varied cultural and financial backgrounds.
clinic has access to a small library of journals, VIN, and rounds are
done each morning. There is continuing education for veterinarians and
students hosted by the Niagara Frontier Veterinary society once a month.
are to be attentive and interested in how our veterinarians practice
medicine. Students are more than welcome to observe office visits as
long as questions are reserved for after the appointment. Students are
also encouraged to observe and learn about various techniques performed
by licensed technicians. Assisting in medical and diagnostic procedures
should be expected.
are welcome during normal buisness hours (Mon-Sat 8-7:30). Hours are
flexiable to meet student needs. Our veterinarians are always willing
to answer questions throughout the day provided they are not engaged
with clients or during emergency situations.
Ellicott Small Animal Hospital
517 Ellicott St.

Buffalo NY 14203
(716) 852-8276
(716) 852-2546
Raymond Young LVT MS
Posted: 10/23/13
Buffalo, NY
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