Public Health Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Schaumburg, IL

Description Experience: Not every veterinary student envisions clinical practice as the goal of attending veterinary school. Some students hope to teach, some to do research and some to work for a large corporation. Still others see themselves serving their fellow veterinarians in some leadership capacity. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a Headquarters externship program for students who would like to explore opportunities for careers outside clinical practice.

Atlanta, GA

Type of Experience: Federal Government/Public Practice Description Experience:

Atlanta, GA

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Description The year-long fellowship starts in July and is divided into three phases (fellowship experiences may very): Phase 1: Fellows complete fellowship activities while attending school

NE Atlanta, GA

Description Students involved in the Epi-elective program and CDC usually participate in a 6 week rotation in the area of their choice. While in the program students usually engage in the activities within their assigned area, but may be deployed to assist with an outbreak investigation. Within the Division of Food, Water and Environmental Diseases, Outbreak Response and Prevention Branch, students learn about and participate in foodborne disease outbreak related activities.

Heredia, Costa Rica

Type of Experience: Internship in Costa Rican food animal production and processing, goverment official inspection and academic experience in Veterinary Medicine School of National University of Costa Rica.

Indianapolis, IN

Type of Experience: Externship in Public Health Description Experienc

Baltimore, MD

Type of Experience:  Public Health         Description Experience:   The student will participate in daily activities in the Center for Zoonotic and Vector-borne Diseases, including consultation with veterinarians, medical professionals, local health department personnel, and the general public.  The student will complete an independent assignment

Columbus, OH

Type of Experience: Preventive Medicine/Veterinary Public Health

Meadville, PA

Type of Experience: In a regional office of the Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services of the Department of Agriculture the student will be exposed to regulatory veterinary medicine.

Lima, Peru

Type of Experience: Zoonosis, global health, veterinary preventive medicine, and research.

Athens, GA

Type of Experience: Externship at SCWDS, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, which is a diagnostic laboratory and research facility, a unit within the Population Health Department at the College of Veterinary Medicine, UGA

WPAFB (Dayton, OH)

Practice Name:    United States Air Force School of Aerospace  Medicine Epidemiology Consult Service and Public Health Education Description Experience:   Students will receive an in depth look of the U.S. Air Force's Public Health career as they shadow veterinarians employed as military and/or civilians.   Army veterinarians may be part of the shadowing process depending on their availability.  The students will have the opportunity to see how veterinarians

multiple locations around the world

Description An Army Veterinary Corps Externship experience is very individual depending on the location and the interest of the student. The typical Veterinary Services location will give exposure to clinical veterinary medicine focusing both on government owned working dogs and privately owned pets. Clinical practice can range from your typical sick call appointment to laparoscopic surgery depending on the location.

Lower Langford, UK

Type of Experience: Abattoir (slaughterhouse) internship Description

Minneapolis, MN

Description course offerings in multiple areas of public health excellent component of MPH available for CE credit as well only available during UMN May session 2-4 weeks (due to grade availability) Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available diverse faculty & student body with diverse expertise Educational Resources course work selected will dictate resources (all available at major university) Responsibilities

Mexico City, MEXICO

Type of Experience: Candidate will:

Madison, WI

Type of Experience: Role of the Public Health Veterinarian with USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Fort Collins, CO

Type of Experience: Epidemiology/Spatial Epidemiology/Modeling Descri

Canton, OH

Type of Experience: Public Health FSIS Description Experience:

Sacramento, CA

Type of Experience: Government/Regulatory Medicine Description Experi

St. Henry, OH

Type of Experience: Performing ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection in USDA inspected poultry and red meat plants; pathology; sampling for residue and salmonella, humane handling of red meat and poultry in a slaughter house setting.

Montevideo, Uruguay & Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Type of Experience: Gather experience on epidemiological studies and vaccination field work in Uruguay and Bolivia Description Experience: