Mixed Animal Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Sycamore, OH

Description Details We are a mixed animal practice in North Central Ohio. Approximately 40% swine, 40%small animal, 15% dairy, 5% equine/small ruminant/beef. The species that we care for are cats, dogs, cattle, equine, sheep, goats and pigs. Currently we have one full time small animal veterinarian, one full time mixed, mostly large animal veterinarian and one full time mostly swine veterinarin. A student would be welcome to work with any of the vets in the practice depending on the caseload for that day.

Bellefontaine, OH

Description Our practice is 75% small and 25% large in a rural setting. We allow for in office appointment time, surgery time, emergency help and large animal calls. Associate veterinarians and special expertise available We have 4 doctors that rotate large and small animal duties and evening/ weekend emergencies. Educational Resources Available We do have a large library on hand as well as a computer for further referencing.

Delta, OH

Type of Experience: We are a mixed animal practice located in Northwest Ohio. Have been in operation for over 35 years and are located in a rural area west of Toledo. Our business is approximately 80% small animal and the remainder is dairy cattle, sheep, goats and deer.

Wauseon, OH

Description We are a mixed animal practice with 2 offices. We provide US for small and large animals. We see a variety of animals including farm animals, camelids, and pets.

Kenton, OH

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:   Oates Veterinary Clinic      

Odon IN

Description 60% Large Animal (equine, bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine) 40% Small Animal (canine, feline) Both medical & surgical procedures Educational Resources Discuss pertinent cases daily Responsibilities Will make farm calls with vets and perform various procedures they are comfortable with Student Supervision Six days per week, 10 hours per day, Sundays are optional Housing No information available

Orrville, OH

Description The practice is 50% large animal and 50% small animal. The large animal practice is mostly dairy, with a small amount of equine. Students will be able to choose a specific area of veterinary medicine that they would like to focus on. The large animal practice consists of mostly dairy medicine, a large part of which is reproduction. Students will also be exposed to dairy records analysis, milk quality analysis, milk culture laboratory, surgery, and consultations on various topics.

Harlowton, MT

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice.

Perry, NY

Description Perry Veterinary Clinic, PLLC, (PVC) a 22 veterinarian mixed animal practice located in Western New York, operates 3 VFAP accredited companion animal clinics and a large ambulatory service. PVC offers opportunities for externship in dairy production medicine through the year. Externship are tailored to meet the interest and needs of the individual student’s academic program and ability level.

Buckeye Lake, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice, including but not limited to equine, large animal, small animal, pocket pets, exotic cats.

Pipestone, MN

Description Details Assist with daily operations of a mixed animal practice. Will focus on large animal production medicine. Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available 7 full time veterinarians 15 support staff Educational Resources Large library of veterinary journals and textbooks Responsibilities Diagnose and form treatment plans for veterinary patients Student Supervision 7-10 hours/day; 6 days/week Housing Yes

PCVRH: Portsmouth, NH and NEEMSC: Dover, NH

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:   Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital (PCVRH)  and New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center  (NEEMSC)    Description Experience:

Hebron, OH

Description Our facility has small animal hospitalization, isolation ward, and intensive care with kennel attendant on premises, surgical suite with laser equipment, 300ma X-ray and digital processor, portable x-ray for field use, endoscope, ultrasound, in-house lab equipment, haul-in equine exam and stocks, and computers.

Wilsonville, OR

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:  Reproductive Revolutions/Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic      Description Experience:  

Plainfield, NH

Description Mixed Animal - Large animal ambulatory with bovine, equine, small ruminant, camelid; Small animal clinic for canine and feline. Assisting with cases in the exam room and surgery, riding along on farm calls and assisting with procedures. Five days per week, on-call optional.

Worthington, IN

Type of Experience: Veterinary medicine Description Experience:

Russellville, AR

Type of Experience: General Small Animal & Equine Practice: Through state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and a professional and friendly staff, we are committed to providing excellent care and service to owners and their pets.

Basin, WY

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Description Experience:

Lima, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice with a busy general practice surgical (spay/neuter/dental) schedule and alternative medicine(chiropractic, massage, laser and osteopathy). Mostly dog, cat and equine with the occasional small ruminant.

Searcy, AR

Type of Experience: Mixed animal private practice Description Experie

Portsmouth, OH

Description Veterinary students will be given many oppotunities to interact with clients and patients. They will assist in procedures, surgeries, and patient care.

Belgrade, MT

Type of Experience:  Mixed practice with cattle sales yard experience, small ruminants, small animal and equine.   Description Experience:  35 years of miixed practice with 4 other very capable practitioners in the clinic    Institutional Resources: Montana State Diagnostic Lab Montana State University   Educational Resources: On Line Resources 

Steamboat Springs, CO

Type of Experience: Large and small animal practice in Northwest Colorado

Hardin, MT

Type of Experience: We are a mixed animal practice in rural Montana. We primarily work with beef cattle, ranch horses, and dogs and cats.

Sugarcreek, OH

Description Primarily large animal and mixed practice. Ride with vet on calls, observe and participate in cases, techniques, surgeries and consultations. Will deal with individual cases and herd settings. Associate veterinarians and special expertise available large domestic whitetail deer practitioner including a breeding lab

Alliance, NE

Description Details Mixed Rural Practice - Large and small, we see them all. Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available MS Reproductive Physiology; the other is working toward a MS in Epidemiology. Educational Resources journals & books computer database rounds continuing education activities Responsibilities Clinical interaction with veterinarians and clients

Hazard, KY

Type of Experience: We are an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital seeking veterinary students wishing to gain practical clinical experience in our facilities. Students will have exposure to mainly small animal medicine and some large animal medicine.

Warriors Mark, PA

Type of Experience: Mixed animal general practice Description Experie

West Salem, OH

Type of Experience: Rural mixed animal practice: Dairy & small animal predominant

Anna, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Description Experience:

Turner, ME

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice with 5 full time doctors. 2 ambulatory clinicians on the road daily for large animal work, and 2 small animal doctors at clinic each day.

East Columbus, NE

Description Full service practice that is 50% dog/cat,30% cow/calf & feedlot, 10% swine, 7% equine, and 3% small ruminant. Haul-in and ambulatory services. Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Iso-gas. X-ray. Abaxxis Vetscan and HMII. Powerfloat.

Athens, GA

Description Our UGA Veterinary Medical Center is a multi-practitioner teaching hospital. Both small or large animal experience are available. Blocks are 3 weeks long, however, if a student begins on the first day of the block, that person may do 2 weeks. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not on record Educational Resources computer access books and journals via VMRR, science library, and main library on UGA campus Responsibilities Not on record

Milton, VT

Type of Experience: Equine ambulatory, medical and surgical referral practice. We do also see camelid medical referral cases and blocked goats.

Xenia, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal (25% beef, sheep, goat, pig & 25% equine-race track, pleasure, performance) and 50% small animal ( medicine-in house blood work, digital rads, ultrasound, surgery-mostly soft tissue with some orthopedics).

Easton, MD

Description Experience: We will provide equine and small animal medical experiences that include: history taking, medical record keeping, restraint, venipuncture, vaccines, laboratory procedures, prescription preparation, assisting with soft tissue and orthopedic su

Akron OH

Description 80% Equine Ambulatory with concentration on lameness/preventive medicine/internal medicine 20% In house small animal medicine Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Jenifer Gaffney, SA ER-20 years experience/SA in house Dr. Konnie Wendt, VACVT Dr. Endia Peckham, lameness Dr.

Waterloo, IL

Type of Experience: Mixed animal private practice Description Experie

1400 E 7th St Webster, SD 57274

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice Name:  Webster Veterinary Clinic Description Experience: Mixed animal practice (~50% small animal, 50% large animal - mostly cow/calf, a few small feedlots, and small dairy herds, small amount of equine and small ruminants) Institutional Resources: Two veterinarians  Responsibilities of Students: Assist veterinarians with all areas of work.

Wellington, OH

Description High quality mixed animal practice consisting of 40% small animal, 30% dairy, 15% equine, E.T., alpaca. Dr. Jennifer D. Orosz is a graduate of OSU CVM 1998, associate veterinarian and partner at Wellington Veterinary Clinic; experience includes large and small animal medicine; current practice limited to small animal medicine and surgery.

West Branch, MI

Type of Experience: We are a mixed animal practice with our primary focus on canine, feline and equine. We also do work for a local wildlife rescue, a petty zoo and a deer refuge.

Fremont, OH

Description Broad range of medicine and elective surgery for both equine and small animal. Digital ultrasound and radiographic capabitlities Embryo transfer Problem mare management Ambulatory & in house management of equine cases are heavy in late winter through early summer. Details Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available Closly associated with Ohio State CVM equine faculty as well as other referral hospitals.

Mt. Gilead, OH

Description Student will help and observe small animal appointments and surgeries. Student will ride along on farm calls and assist when needed. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Sandra Carpenter, DVM  Brian Rizzo, DVM Educational Resources JAVMA textbooks (both small and large animals) Responsibilities Assist vets with procedures, ask questions and enjoy learning. Student Supervision 8+ hours/day

Marysville, OH

Description Small animal medicine and surgery Dairy palpation and sick cow work Equine - both pleasure and track Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Louis Victor LeVan, DVM Amy Segner, DVM - small animal only Educational Resources None on record Responsibilities Minor and routine surgeries Radiographic positioning Taking appointments Student Supervision 12+

1174 Snowy Range Road Laramie, WY 82072

Type of Experience:  Mixed  Practice Name:  Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory Description Experience:   Exposure to diagnostic accessions (primarily beef cattle and companion animals) and pathology in an AAVLD-accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratory Institutional Resources:  3 board certified veterinary pathologists; 2-board certified microbiologists; 1-board certified toxicologist; 5-year accredited state veterinary diagnostic laboratory