Mixed Animal Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Coshocton, OH

Type of Experience: We have a two person mixed animal practice. Hands on experience is best and mentoring is available. I graduated from OSU in 1982 and Dr. Hayes in 1989. We have two staff members who have been with us for over 20 years each.

Jupiter, FL

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice Name: All Animal Eye Care

Bozeman, MT

Description Small animal, some exotics: general medicine & surgery Equine: in hospital surgery & medicine & reproduction & also out call experience Details Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available Gary L. Cook, DVM; equine medicine, reproduction & surgery, lameness Jacy L.

Alvarado, TX

Type of Experience: Mixed animal externship/internship Description Ex

Lancaster, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal, 50% small 50% large Description Exp

Upper Sandusky, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice (90% small animal, 10% large animal) Practice Name: Animal Clinic at Upper Sandusky

Cambridge, OH

Description We operate a 3 veterinarian small animal practice (99% pet animal/1% horses & small ruminants) in a rural setting. We opened a new clinic in 2005. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Tim Hayes (OSU 1974) Dr. Leia Hill (OSU 2005) Dr. Rachel Elliott (OSU 2006) Educational Resources Not on record.

Fort Lupton, CO

Description Mixed animal practice, small animal medicine, surgery & dentistry, in house Idexx chem. lab. LA ambulatory & haul in, 10 areas are dairy & equine, small ruminants & beef. Details Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available 6 veterinarians, 2 have LA postgraduate training: one had 1 year LA internship at CSU, 2nd doctor has postgraduate 1 year in dairy herd health management

Knoxville, TN

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:   Animal Emergency & Specialty Center       Description Experience:   Multi Rotations  and  Critical Care Institutional Resources:  Lincoln Memorial University is available for additional training if available at the time of the student's extenship

Tiffin, OH

Description Small and large animal experiences. Wide variety of medicine and surgical opportunity. Farm calls involving bovine, equine, small ruminants. Laser surgery, therapeutic laser, digital x-ray, etc. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not available

Waterford, PA

Type of Experience: Semi-rural mixed animal practice Description Exp

Coshocton, OH

Description of Experience: Mixed practice, small animal predominant medicine, surgery and emergency service. Experience will be both in-clinic and on the farm. Institutional Resources: Mixed animal general practitioners.

Coshocton, OH

Description Experience: All aspects of treating small and large animals at a rural veterinary hospital: Soft tissue surgeries, spays, neuters, tumor removals, enterotomy, orthopedics, fracture repairs, ACL repairs, luxating patella repairs.

Gillette, WY

Description Busy mixed animal practice: 60% small animal, 30% equine, 10% cow-calf. 10 doctor practice, so a large caseload to experience. Educational Resources VIN doctors' meetings monthly continuing education usually provided by big pharma Responsibilities Great attitude! Have fun! Jump in on all species and cases. Work on client communication skills.

Apex, NC

Description Students are actively involved in all phases of the practice - from ambulatory equine and large animal calls, to surgical cases and in house hospital cases. The student will also experience equine and herd health management, equine and bovine reproduction including embryo transfer and semen cryopreservation,and many elective surgery cases. The practice has four veterinarians with two full time in house technicians, and four ambulatory technicians.

Ashland, KS

Description Experience: Students will have oppurtunity to work with four different DVMs and focus on what ever part of the practice that interests them the most.

Ashley, ND

Description Students exposed to all areas of bovine practice with some companion animal and equine. Spring especially busy for beef calving experience.

Conifer, CO

Type of Experience: Mixed animal veterinary practice externship Descr

Barnesville, OH

Description Students will gain experience in a rural mixed animal private practice and will become proficient in the daily routines of a private practitioner. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available  

Beloit, KS

Description Experience: Mixed animal practice, 50% beef, 50% small animal, some equine, and few small ruminants.

Concord, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice Description Experience:

Concord, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Description Experience:

Reedsville, PA

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal Practice Name:    Big Valley Animal Hospital      Description Experience:  Four doctor mixed animal practice seeing a large caseload of small and large animal medicine and surgical cases.  Large animal portion of practice is primarily dairy, with some equine and small ruminant patients. Educational Resources:  

Kinzers, PA

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal practice, small animal, equine, dairy, cervid

Russellville, OH

Type of Experience: Large and small animal medicine and surgery in a rural practice

Wayne, WV

Description 70% Small animal clinical: medicine, surgery and preventive medicine 20% Small animal, equine & ruminant ambulatory 10% attends classes & assists students at the Ohio University equine studies program Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Chad Brown, DVM Jeff Shy, DVM, Associate Veterinarian Educational Resources Ohio University - equine studies classes Journals: Vet Economics, DVM, AVMA, Vet Med Weekly e

Versailles, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal veterinary practice Description Expe

Loudonville, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal: 50% food animal; 50% small animal

Grantsville, MD

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Description Experience:

Grantsville, MD

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Private Practice Description Experie

Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Type of Experience:  Mixed: cheetahs; dog and livestock care.  Practice Name:  Cheetah Conservation Fund      

Wilmington, OH

Type of Experience: Large & Small Animal, and Pocket pets. Descri

Cobleskill, NY

Description Participate in all aspects of a mixed general veterinary practice with a typical small animal pet surgery & medicine and the farm work represented by a preponderance of small dairy herd health & sick cow work and pleasure horses.

Cody, WY

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Description Experience:

Coldwater OH

Description Mixed Animal Practice: 50% Small Animal 50% Large Animal: 80% Dairy; 5% Beef; 5% Sheep/Goat; 5% Equine; 5% Swine Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Students will be able to spend some time with Dr. Barnes of Cooper Farms. They are a company which feed and raise turkey, chicken and hogs on a corporate level. Educational Resources Library of books, journals and computers

Marietta, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal General Veterinary Practice - Large Animal work is comprised mostly of pleasure horse medicine, small ruminants and camelids.

Waynesboro, VA

Type of Experience: Rural Mixed Animal Practice, 4 doctors, 4 LVT's Description Experience:

Rock Spring, GA

Type of Experience: The experience will be mixed animal with an emphasis on equine breeding.

Ashland, OH

Description Dairy production medicine: reproductive ultrasound, recors analysis, nutrition analysis and riont evaluation, milking system analysis, milk quality lab, routin individual cow care Small animal medicine, surgery and dentistry Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available David T. Brennan, DVM Educational Resources VIN journals books rounds Responsibilities Hands-on experience in a mixed animal practice

Warren, OH

Description Large practice with 5 hospitals. We offer small animal, food animal, equine, exotics, etc. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Knott Dr. Baugher Dr. Clayton Dr. Williams Educational Resources Various publications, journals, texts, internet access, etc. Responsibilities To shadow/assist practicing veterinarians with daily duties. Student Supervision 100% Housing No

Lowville, NY

Type of Experience: Dairy production medicine, equine, small ruminant (small animal-if desired)

Somerset, MI

Type of Experience: Primarily Large Animal; 70% Dairy, 20% Equine, 5% Caprine, rest Beef, Camelid and others. We do also have an associated busy Small Animal Clinic. Description Experience: Relatively large (5 veterinarians on the road) primarily dairy and equine practice, with some goats, beef cattle, and camelids rarely seen. Our equine practice is heavily concentrated in routine vaccination, sick animals, dentistry, and reproduction. Our dairy practice is primarily ultrasounding, surgery, records evaluation and instruction in English and Spanish.

Delaware, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal: 75% small animal, 20% equine, 5% food animal

Greenville, TX

Externship application Description It is our desire at CVC to help future veterinarians gain real world experience in a practical setting. As part of our commitment to excellence- we expect those that visit and work with us to share that same commitment.

Decatur, IN

2 doctors in clinic every day except Saturday; one seeing patients, the other doing SA surgeries, farm calls and SA ER.  Students will have the opportunity to practice in both. The practice has new Midmark dental machine, radiographs, laser therapy machine and in-house lab for student to utilize for cases.  3 RVT's will assist as needed.  Full range of general practice care in a small community.  

Delphos, OH

Description Predominantly small animal practice with 20% large animal. Exposure to all facets of SA general medicine/surgery/emergency care as well as working with non-professional staff (personnel relations & management). We also see many goats, sheep, pleasure horses & hogs, with minimal exposure to dairy & beef cattle.

Kenton, OH

Description The clinic practices on all species and we perform many types of procedures, surgeries, etc..... ranging from routine vaccines, herd health, etc..... to more advanced diagnosis and surgery. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not available Educational Resources We have access to most veterinary journals, VIN and other web based resources.

Elkton, FL

Description Very busy mixed animal practice with nine practicing veterinarians. This experience will allow students to gain hands on experience with a variety of species. While having the opportunity to see a large volume of cases, travel to farms, and work on client communication skills. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not available Educational Resources We regularly use VIN, as well as having a variety of Journals and Books available in our clinic.

Berlin, OH

Description EHVC has 2 locations and currently provides medical and surgical services for companion animals (35%), breeding kennels (20%), dairy (30%), and equine and exotics as well as swine and small ruminants. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Currently 4 doctors share responsibility for all services; each has an area of concentration and they focus their CE experiences on those areas. Some are graduates of certificate courses.

Northwood, OH

Description Mixed practice, predominantly small animal and equine: outpatient, surgery, farm calls, management.