Laboratory Animal Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Houston, TX

Description Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) is part of the Texas Medical Center in Houston Texas . The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is one of the largest and most renowned biomedical research complexes in the world. Besides BCM, The Texas Medical Center includes MD Andersen Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Heart Institute, University of Texas Health Science Center, The Methodist Hospital and Rice University.

Fort Collins, CO

Description Laboratory research on vector borne pathogens including bantonella, tularemia and archovirus. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Researchers on epidemiology, diagnostics, biology and control of vector borne diseases. Currently about 50 doctoral level scientists (PhDs, MDs, DVMs).

Cincinnati, OH

Type of Experience: Hands-on experience working in a research facility that performs research using animals that benefits children or those with developmental disabilities.

Fort Collins, CO

Description There are two options for externship programs with Colorado State University (CSU) laboratory animal care program:

New York City, NY

Description Columbia University Institute of Comparative Medicine Externship Program Columbia University offers an externship program to provide Veterinary students with experience in clinical laboratory animal medicine and surgery and veterinary pathology through participation in our comparative medicine residency. Externs will:

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Type of Experience:  Lab Animal Research  Practice Name:  Cornell University's CARE unit Description Experience:    Rotation in laboratory animal medicine includes but is not limited to: Accompanying lab animal vets and technologists on clinical rounds for animals used for research and teaching in Cornell University's animal facilities and on facility rounds for regulatory purposes.

Los Angeles, CA

Type of Experience: Laboratory Animal Medicine Description Experience

Atlanta, GA

Memorandum of Understanding Description The Emory University - Division of Animal Resources (DAR) Veterinary Externship Program is designed to provide interested third and fourth year veterinary medical students the opportunity to experience the field of Laboratory Animal Medicine.

Victoria, Australia

Description Senior lecturer in veterinary microbiology, Director of equine infectious disease laboratory, PhD in equine herpesvirus epidemiology and vaccine development, expert witness for the 2007-8 equine influenza inquiry, publications in several areas of equine microbiology including Rhodococcus equi etc. Details Institutional Resources Not on record. Educational Resources Not on record.

Baltimore, MD

Type of Experience: The Johns Hopkins Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology offers externship programs in both pathology and laboratory animal medicine to veterinary students who have completed at least three (3) years of their veterinary training.

Baton Rouge, LA

Type of Experience: Clinical rotation in laboratory animal medicine D

Homestead, FL

Type of Experience: Laboratory Animal Medicine/Management of Nonhuman Primates

Cambridge, MA

Type of Experience: Lab Animal Externship Description Experience:

New York, NY

Type of Experience: The Veterinary Student Externship in Laboratory Animal Medicine and Pathology is designed to provide qualified veterinary students a broad overview of laboratory animal medicine, as well as of the residency and research programs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cance

Ames, IA

Description The schedule for this experience has a diverse background of techniques and skills. It will include scrapie genotyping, fraudulent blood surveillance, pesticides/biologics sample testing, histology and sample processing, pathology, program disease field skills, endoparasites and ectoparasites. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Board certified professionals and PhDs in: virology/pathobiology, zoological medicine, pathology, also Director of Veterinary Medicine, chemists, entomologists.

Raleigh, NC

Type of Experience: Laboratory animal medicine Description Experience

Hershey, PA

Description Laboratory animal veterinary medicine at the College of Medicine. Species include mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, non-human primates, swine, sheep, calves, zebra fish.

Columbus, OH

Description Student will assist with clinical care and management of a large colony of research animals, assist with surgical procedures and active studies including ECGs, echocardiogram, venous and arterial cutdowns, cardiac catheterization, necropsy. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not available

Bar Harbor, ME

Description Reviewing established mouse models of human cicatrical alopecia & working with Dr. Sundberg on a review article for publication in "Experimental Dermatology". Become familiar with the workings of the lab, interacting with pathologists, MDs and PhDs.

Columbus, OH

Description This experience will give the veterinary student exposure and involvement with the following:

Reisterstown, MD

Type of Experience: Laboratory Animal/Large Animal Medicine and Surgery

Denver, CO

Type of Experience: Laboratory Animal Medicine Description Experience

Chicago, IL

Description The UIC Veterinary Externship Program is designed to provide interested veterinary students with an opportunity to gain an in-depth experience in laboratory animal medicine in a large centralized animal care program. The program itself emphasizes gaining hands-on experience in laboratory animal medicine, surgery and anesthesiology as well as becoming familiar with the standard husbandry procedures employed in an AAALAC accredited animal care program. The students are taught by the professional staff, the technical support staff, and the animal care staff.

Ann Arbor, MI

Description The purpose of this externship is to expose veterinary students to the multiple aspects of laboratory animal medicine.

Seattle, WA

Description The University of Washington (UW) is a top-tier, public university located in beautiful Seattle. Since 1971, the UW has received more federal research funding per year than any other American public university. Past and present UW faculty members include six Nobel Prize winners, five Lasker Award winners, and 53 members of the National Academy of Sciences.

Madison, WI

Type of Experience: Extended experience in laboratory animal pathology. Species seen at the Research Animal Resources Center (RARC) include rats, mice, other rodents, zebrafish, captive wildlife used in research, dogs and cats, and agricultural species.

Nasheville, TN

Type of Experience: Laboratory Animal Medicine Externship Description

Madison, WI

Type of Experience: laboratory animal medicine Description Experience

New Haven, CT

Type of Experience: Externship in an AAALAC-accredited academic research facility