Food Animal Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Germany (organized via U of Illinois)

Type of Experience: This program is designed to give students a global perspective on animal welfare, food safety, and infectious disease control.

Denver, PA

Description Herd based and individual patient based instruction in dairy practice. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available 10 doctor practice with one doctor ABVP boarded in Dairy and another partner with an MBA. Educational Resources Have library at clinic as well as computer and internet provided to the student.

Attica, NY

Description Students that invest time at the Attica Veterinary Associates will be exposed to a broad array of activities involved in our daily ambulatory practice. A heavy case load involving routine herd visits to dairies ranging in size from 30 cows to 3000 cows. The level of intervention on these dairies is nearly as varied as the size and management styles within our client base. Routine herd health, sick animal, surgical, and emergency work will all be routinely part of the experience.

Atwater, CA

Description Experience: Daily dairy herd health and reproductive checks, sick cows and emergency calls, milk quality laboratory, herd health consultation

Auburn, AL

Type of Experience: Large animal ambulatory Description Experience: <

Phoenix, AZ

Type of Experience: Livestock veterinary Description Experience:

Dexter, NM

Description We are a 100% bovine practice. Approximately 90% of our work focuses on Dairy Production Medicine and about 10% on Beef (Ranch & Feed Lot) Production Medicine.

Buffalo, MN

Type of Experience: Equine and large animal veterinary medical services.

Carroll, IA

Description Food animal practice with lots of beef (feedlot and cow/calf) along with swine. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not on record Educational Resources Reference books, journals and internet access Have opportunity to participate in production meetings Responsibilities To assist with farm calls along with helping in general practice. Student Supervision All hours Housing No

Saint Onge, SD

Type of Experience: Beef Cattle Veterinary Work Description Experienc

Stillwater, OK

Description: Beef - feedlot/stocker. Student will see 275,000 cattle in the 2 week rotation while on feedlot consultation visits. Abundant pathology experience, preg examination and minor surgery experience on a case-by-case basis. Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available: Robert A. Smith, DVM, MS, DABVP (Food Animal) - primary Del Miles, DVM, MS (Pathology) is the backup stupervisor Educational resources available: laptop for internet access

Zanesville, OH

Type of Experience: Large animal ambulatory practice, focusing mainly on beef and small ruminant / cervid medicine and repro.

St. Johns, MI

Type of Experience: Large animal & equine veterinary service

Ithaca, NY

Type of Experience: VETMED 6604 at the Veterinary School at Cornell University is 2 week summer course on Milk Quality. The course is taught by veterinarians and faculty of the Quality Milk Production Services.

East Springfield, OH

Type of Experience: Large animal ambulatory

Lowville, NY

Type of Experience: Dairy production medicine, equine, small ruminant (small animal-if desired)

Warren, OH

Description Large practice with 5 hospitals. We offer small animal, food animal, equine, exotics, etc. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Knott Dr. Baugher Dr. Clayton Dr. Williams Educational Resources Various publications, journals, texts, internet access, etc. Responsibilities To shadow/assist practicing veterinarians with daily duties. Student Supervision 100% Housing No

Goshen, IN

This is a one-doctor food animal practice, started in 2012, that is growing and experiencing the evolution of establishment. The student will be able to experience the on-farm aspects of rural vet medicine and the practice management side if they so desire.  This practice is best suited for individuals committed to practice and/or industry pertaining to dairy or beef cattle, goats or sheep.  

Lena, WI

Type of Experience: Bovine Ambulatory Practice -90% dairy with the balance beef and small ruminant.

Plymouth, WI

Description Details We are a 5 doctor dairy practice with clients ranging from 30-3000 cows. Students will be actively involved in herd health visits, surgeries, sick cow work and production medicine activities. Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available The clinic serves as a host to ambulatory students from the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School each year as well as externs from other schools. Educational Resources Not on record

Jerome, ID

Type of Experience: Progressive, production medicine type practice - 100% dairy

21560 CR 36 , Goshen, IN 46526

Type of Experience:  Large Animal Practice Name:  Dairy Veterinary & Management Services Description Experience:  DVMS is a dairy specific veterinarian practice located in Northern Indiana.   Clientele is diverse in size and type - Herd sizes range from 40 to 4000 head.  Students will be hands-on in all aspects of dairy practice; including ambulatory, herd management and consultation experiences.   Institutional Resources:

Marengo, IL

Type of Experience: Food animal ambulatory externship Description Exp

Heredia, Costa Rica

Type of Experience: Internship in Costa Rican food animal production and processing, goverment official inspection and academic experience in Veterinary Medicine School of National University of Costa Rica.

De Soto, KS

Description Experience: Assistant Technical Services Veterinarian: This is an opportunity to work as an apprentice technical services veterinarian for a large animal health company. The position will be working with members of our cattle technical team.

Manhattan, KS

Type of Experience: Advanced Feedlot production medicine elective Des

Turlock, CA

Description of Experience: Food Animal Practice: morning herd checks (palpation & ultrasound); dystocias (fetotomies/C-cections), eye enucleations, RDA/LDA surgeries, consulting, computer records, etc.

Lisbon, OH

Type of Experience: County Fair Vet experience: Experience being the fair vet at the largest county fair in Ohio. This elective experience has to be the two weeks preceding Labor Day each year. Mixed animal, primarily large animal.

Lisbon, OH

Type of Experience: Working alongside six veterinarians in a mixed clinical practice.

Kinston, NC

Description Experience: Livestock Veterinary Services is a food animal practice in eastern North Carolina. We specialize in swine medicine but also do some food animals such as cattle, goats and sheep.

Augusta, ME

Description Experience: Job shadowing with State Veterinarian, State Lab director and other field employees.

Marcus, IA

Type of Experience: This will be a 2 week elective rotation in our mixed animal practice, which is primarily a beef and swine intensive practice.

E. Lansing, MI

Description Located within a 3000 cow herd, the TCDP offers well established training in individual cow and calf disease management, reproductive examinations, and obstetrical management. There will be weekly presentations by faculty on disease or management topics. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Three senior clinicians (DACT and DABVP), one resident, one to three interns.

112 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Type of Experience:  Large Animal Practice Name:   Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians       Description Experience:  Seven Doctor bovine based practice 95% dairy.  Herd Health, Embryo Transfer, Transition Cow, sick calls, surgeries Institutional Resources:  Seven D.V.M., two doctors EU, South America, China Australia embyro approved

Morrison, TN

Type of Experience:  Bovine, Small Ruminant and Equine  Practice Name:   Middle Tennessee Vet Services, PC       Description Experience:   Middle TN Vet Service is a 20% Equine, 45% Bovine, and 5% Small Ruminant practice.  Externs at Middle TN Vet Service will be assisting the veterinarian in case examination, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery.   Institutional Resources:  Dr. Erin Krampe 

Visalia, CA

Description Students will experience all aspect of a large herd dairy practice. You will be scheduled for daily herd checks and have the opportunity to participate in surgeries, dystocias, sick cows and milk lab work. Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not on record. Educational Resources We have an extensive journal and text library. Responsibilities A good work ethic along with a professional attitude. We also hope you have lots of fun!

Logan, OH

Description Will see large animal and food animal if brought to clinic. Small animal emergency service. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available N/A

Muleshoe, TX

Type of Experience: Mixed animal; food animal-predominantly dairy practice

Rose Hill, NC

Type of Experience: Swine, Food Animal Production Medicine Descriptio

Salem, OH

Type of Experience: Food animal individual medicine, surgery and lab experience primarily on dairies ranging in size from 65 to 1300 cows.

Wooster, OH

Description Details Dairy cattle production medicine. Associated veterinarians and special expertise Dr. Brad Garrison Dr. David White Dr. Mike Finney Dr. Richard E. Wiley all 4 dairy certificate Educational Resources journals books computer databases rounds CE activitie Responsibilities Above average skill set and average knowledge.


Description Details We are a mixed animal practice in North Central Ohio. Approximately 40% swine, 40%small animal, 15% dairy, 5% equine/small ruminant/beef. The species that we care for are cats, dogs, cattle, equine, sheep, goats and pigs. Currently we have one full time small animal veterinarian, one full time mixed, mostly large animal veterinarian and one full time mostly swine veterinarin. A student would be welcome to work with any of the vets in the practice depending on the caseload for that day.

St. Albans, VT

Type of Experience: Externship at a dairy exclusive veterinary practice in Northern Vermont.

Birnamwood, WI

Type of Experience: Students will be involved in all aspects of Dairy practice. Our herd sizes range from 20-2000 milking cows.

Columbus, OH

Description Students will accompany the veterinarians as they provide routine preventive and clinical services, including emergency services, to farms throughout Ohio. Dairy and beef production medicine topics will be covered on farm setting and in informal discussions. Responsibilities Students will be expected to be active participants in the medical, surgical and reproductive treatment of the animals seen. Good attitudes are expected as is an interest in food animals. Supervisor Dr. Luke Heider

Harlowton, MT

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice.

Perry, NY

Description Perry Veterinary Clinic, PLLC, (PVC) a 22 veterinarian mixed animal practice located in Western New York, operates 3 VFAP accredited companion animal clinics and a large ambulatory service. PVC offers opportunities for externship in dairy production medicine through the year. Externship are tailored to meet the interest and needs of the individual student’s academic program and ability level.

Beverly, Ohio

Type of Experience: Food Animal Practice Name:  Phil A. Lowe, DVM, LLC Description Experience: Exclusive bovine ambulatory practice 70% dairy & 30% beef

Postville, IA

Type of Experience: Large Animal predominate with emphasis in reproduction with ultrasounding, fetal sexing, and embryo transfer with IVF.

Clovis, NM

Description Progressive Dairy Health Services (PDHS) is a 6 veterinarian, 100% dairy practice in the High Plains region of Eastern New Mexico / West Texas, USA. PDHS provides traditional veterinary services to large dairies (2000-7000 cows) including reproductive, surgery, obstetrics and calf management. We have 3 veterinarians that are English/Spanish bilingual and provide labor training including maternity, fresh cow/sick cow schools and milker training. Production medicine services include data analysis, treatment protocols, milk quality and preventative medicine programs.