Equine Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Los Olivos CA

Description Not provided. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available One Boarded Surgeon Two Boarded Internists Educational Resources Not on record. Responsibilities Assist with patient monitoring and treatments. Participate in rounds. Observe surgeries and major medical cases. Student Supervision 8+ hours per day and all the emergency work they want to participate in and with.

Albuquerque, NM

Type of Experience:  Aquatic, Avian Medicine, Equine Practice Name:  Albuquerque Biopark Zoo  Description Experience:   This is a zoo collection of roughly 1,000 animals including reptiles, amphibians,birds, and a broad base of mammal species from elephants to naked mole rats. We also are responsible for the aquarium which has several thousand fish of multiple species. Emily will be involved with rounds, visual exams, physical exams ,and whatever else comes our way while she is here..

Murrysville PA

Type of Experience: Equine Externship Description Experience:

Elk River MN

Description Anoka Equine is a full service equine practice that is 50% hospital, 50% ambulatory practice. Approximately 5 - 10 surgeries are performed a week. We offer emergency services 24 - 7.

Gilbert AZ

Description Ambulatory, dentistry, reproduction,lameness, MRI nuclear scintigraphy, endoscopy, DRm CR radiography, arthroscopy.

Auburn University, AL

Type of Experience: Equine Podiatry 2 week rotation with senior veterinary students at Auburn University

Driftwood, TX

Type of Experience: Equine veterinary externship Description Experien

Tallahassee FL

Description Assist with medical and surgical colics Give meds to in hospital patients Give vaccines and do physical exams Follicle check mares Take uterine cultures Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Stephen D. Fisch, DVM W. Joseph Fisch, DVM Christie N.

Oldwick NJ

Description The goal of this externship is to provide a highly motivated individual with in-depth exposure to a high-quality equine practice with an emphasis on sport horse medicine, pleasure horse practice, general internal medicine, reproduction, and perinatology. Externs will observe and assist staff veterinarians on ambulatory calls and in the clinic during the work up of medicine, lameness, prepurchase and elective surgery cases. Externs will also assist with after hours treatments, observations and emergencies.

Newark OH

Description This selective experience will involve the reproductive management of mares and stallions during the breeding season. Students will assist on routine and specialized reproductive work at Bella Vista Equine and several breeding farms located in central Ohio,including foaling, neonatal care, critical and emergency services related and non-related to reproduction. Students will gain equine medicine experience as opportunities occur.

Bend OR

Description 2 week externship for equine track veterinary students. Externs assist with all hospitalized patients' treatments and evaluations during working hours, as well as assisting with outpatient and ambulatory calls.

Earlysville, VA

Description Observation and assistance with all aspects of practice. Details Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available Diplomate ACVS - 2 fulltime Diplomate ACVIM - 1 parttime Educational Resources Stall rounds M-F 8-8:30 Intern Rounds - Wednesday 8-9 AM Internet Access Popular journal access, small libray of books Responsibilities Assisting with diagnostic evaluations and theraputic tretment in both ambulatory and hospital settings.

Emmett, MI

Type of Experience: Equine Veterinary Practice Description Experience

San Antonio TX

Description Our clinic is an ambulatory (60%) and in hospital/clinic (40%) practice. We have a 6 stall barn attached to the clinic with an exam room containing 2 sets of stocks, and a surgery room with a hydraulic table. We also have a computer, IDEXX chemistry analyzer, 2 ultrasound machines, rectal 5mg Hz, Tendon 7.5 Mg Hz probes, an endoscope, thermography and a portable x-ray machine with automatic processor. We work primarily with pleasure and performance horses. Dr. Ball B.S. and D.V.M.

Sarasota, FL

Type of Experience: equine practice- ambulatory with in house capabilities for non critical patients

Stephenville, TX

Type of Experience: Externship Description Experience:

Navasota, TX

Type of Experience: Equine Externship Description Experience:

Somerset, PA

Type of Experience: Equine Referral Hospital Description Experience:

Burton OH

Description Ambulatory and clinic setting for equine and alpacas. 4 person practice. Details  Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Camelid medicine, equine lameness and reproduction Educational Resources journals books computer databases rounds continuing education activities Responsibilities Ambulatory rotation with one of four veterinarians. In-house clinic with equine lameness and camelid medicine and reproduction.

Buffalo, MN

Type of Experience: Equine and large animal veterinary medical services.

Gibsonville, NC

Description Experience: assist veterinarians in an ambulatory and in-hospital capacity with sports medicine, internal medicine, preventive care, etc. provide treaments and care for in-hospital cases. <

Cave Creek AZ

Description Quality private practice experience in both ambulatory and referral practice. There are opportunities to assist with treatment and care of hospitalized patients, observe/assist in surgery, and experience ambulatory calls. Externs will attend daily morning hospital rounds and weekly journal club rounds. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available CVMC has two board certified equine surgeons, four ambulatory doctors and two interns.

Paris, KY

Type of Experience: Stud Farm Management.

Ravenna, OH

Description To provide equine clinical case experiences with a wide variety of case presentations, including routine health care, extensive lameness case evaluation, wide variety of equine outpatient/inpatient surgical and medical cases. This would include state of the art diagnostic modalities such as digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopic arthosiopy and MRI. Does not apply. Educational Resources Complete equine library with all basic texts and several equine publications.

St. Johns, MI

Type of Experience: Large animal & equine veterinary service

Lanark, United Kingdom

Description Experience: The students will be involved in aspects of both ambulatory equine practice including routine dental examinations, vaccinations, castration etc, and in all aspects of referal work including lameness examintions, arthroscopy and colic surgerie

Rock Spring, GA

Type of Experience: The experience will be mixed animal with an emphasis on equine breeding.

Tucson, AZ

Type of Experience: Equine Practice--general and hospital Description

Sunbury, OH

Type of Experience: Equine Practice Description Experience:

Cement City, MI

Type of Experience: Primarily Large Animal Description Experience: We are a mixed animal practice for dairy, equine, other farm animals and small animals.  Visit our website for more detailed information: CountrysideVeterinary.com. Institutional Resources: Visit our website for more detailed information.  CountrysideVeterinary.com. Responsibilities Expected of Participating Students:

Louisville, TN

Type of Experience: Exposure to the application of veterinary medicine in a primary care and referral setting.

Simpsonville KY

Description In clinic lameness/purchase exam caseload and ambulatory equine (repro, medicine, lameness and sport horse consultation. 


Description Pleasure and Performance Horses- all aspects Some racehorse work Reproduction- this is a large part of the practice during the season Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr.

Lancaster, OH

Type of Experience: Equine medicine externship (unpaid) Description E

Akron, OH

Type of Experience: Veterinary externship in equine general and sports medicine Description Experience:

Mount Airy, MD

Type of Experience: Ambulatory Equine private practice Description Ex

Grove City, OH

Type of Experience: Accompanying veterinarian on equine field calls.

Delaware OH

Description Observation and participation in daily equine ambulatory practice. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available ACVS Educational Resources Not available Responsibilities Be on time Dress appropriately Read assigned appropriate reading Student Supervision 40-60 hours per week Housing No

Athens, GA

Type of Experience: Avian, Equine, Exotic, and Zoo Animal Medicine Practice Name: Department of Pathology - College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

Suffolk VA

Description 2 to 3 week externship. Our clinic has 4 doctors on staff. Extern will ride withour doctors to visit horse farms, also assist doctors with cases at clinic, and visit the VA Zoological Park twice a week. Details Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available Not on record Educational Resources Limited

Buckeye AZ

Description Assisting brooding mares and collecting stallion Assisting on farm calls for routine healthcare and emergency treaments In house treatment of horses Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Kloppe is a board certified theriogenologist Dr.

Vero Beach, FL

Description Experience: Students will gain experience in Equine preventative medicine as well as emergency care. Routine floating of teeth, lameness exams, colic treatment (and possibly surgery if one comes in while they are here), reproductive work if here during breeding season.

Pilot Point TX

Description Palpating recipient mares daily Assisting in equine embryo transfer Attending daily palpation of client mares Collecting stallions, freezing semen, etc.

Lexington, KY

Type of Experience: Lameness, reproduction, imaging, medicine and emergency management

Ocala FL

Description Students are part of our intern team during their visit with us. We consider externships working interviews. They will be on rotation through surgery, medicine, repro and ambulatory services. They can also request to be called in for overnight emergencies. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Please see our website regarding boarded DVMs in surgery, medicine & reproduction: total of 15 veterinarians - large ambulatory practice & referral practice.

Canovanas, PR

Description Will be mainly doing lameness workups Working with internal medicine cases Doing some anesthesia in surgery (scrubbed in) Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Jose M.

Simpsonville KY

Description Hospital provides a wide variety of experience, including surgery, medicine, theriogenelogy (includes embryo transfer), lameness evaluation & treatment, diagnostics (includes MRI, nuclear scintigraphy, etc.).

Burton, OH

Type of Experience: Externship for 3rd and 4th year veterinary students.

Weatherford, TX

Description Board certified surgeon. Managed & supervised interns, externs & residents in university and private practice settings for 12 years.

Elkton MD

Description 100% equine performance ambulatory/clinic practice with emphasis on diagnostics/therapy of sports medicine cases. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available IVAS certified ISLEP certified