Aquatic Medicine Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Albuquerque, NM

Type of Experience:  Aquatic, Avian Medicine, Equine Practice Name:  Albuquerque Biopark Zoo  Description Experience:   This is a zoo collection of roughly 1,000 animals including reptiles, amphibians,birds, and a broad base of mammal species from elephants to naked mole rats. We also are responsible for the aquarium which has several thousand fish of multiple species. Emily will be involved with rounds, visual exams, physical exams ,and whatever else comes our way while she is here..

Long Beach, CA

Veterinary Externship/Preceptorship Program Program description:

Buhl, ID

Type of Experience: The externship will consist of 4 weeks in a totally vertically integrated rainbow trout food fish production operation.

Eagle, ID

Type of Experience: Field and Laboratory experience in diagnostic and inspection services to anadromous and resident fish hatcheries of The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG).

Tamp, FL

Type of Experience: Aquatic & exotic veterinary externship Descri

Atlanta, GA

Type of Experience: Aquatic veterinary externship Description Experie

Gloucester, VA

Type of Experience:  Small Animal and Aquatic Practice Name:    Gloucester Veterinary Hospital, Ltd       Description Experience:   The student will be exposed to daily general practice, surgery and preventive care for dogs, cats, and various pocket pets and reptiles. The student will also have the opportunity to accompany veterinarians on visits to an aquarium we also service. 

206 Treadwell St Wilmington, NC

Type of Experience: Small Animal Practice Name:  Hanover Regional Animal Hospital

Stirling, Scotland, UK

Type of Experience: Mixed aquatic veterinary practice Description Exp

Juno Beach, FL

Type of Experience:  Aquatic/ marine life  Practice Name:   Loggerhead Marinelife Center         Description Experience:   Over 25 years veterinary and research experience with various marine organisms, including sea turtles, dolphins, whales, manatees, sea lions, sharks and other elasmobranchs, and many marine fishes.  Responsibilities of Students:  Participate in daily diagnostics and treatments of sea turtle patients.

Sausalito, CA

Type of Experience: This is a fourth-year veterinary student externship.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands BWI

Type of Experience: Elective workshop/course in Marine Mammal Medicine and Conservation.

College Station, TX

Type of Experience: MARVET (Marine Veterinary Medicine) Mexico offers veterinary students and veterinarians a ten-day lecture and hands-on workshop, with primary focus on the biology, pathology, clinical care and conservation medicine of dolphins, manatees, pinnipeds and sea turtle

Mystic, CT

Type of Experience: Veterinary Externship in Aquatic Animal Medicine

Baltimore, MD

Type of Experience: Aquarium Preceptorship Description Experience:

Oslo, Norway

Type of Experience: Field course in fish health for veterinary students at Hjelmeland in the spring plus additional week in a veterinary clinic

Omaha, NE

Type of Experience:  Aquatic and Zoo  Practice Name:  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium  Description Experience:  

Pittsburgh, PA

Type of Experience: The Animal Health Department of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium accepts veterinary students in their clinical year for externships.

Waimanalo, HI

Type of Experience: Veterinary Student Externship at a marine animal public display facility.

Orlando FL

Description The program is designed for fourth-year veterinary students. They will be given a full range of opportunities in aquatic animal husbandry and medicine which includes whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, walrus, marine and freshwater fishes, penguins, and many other species of birds and reptiles. In addition, polar bears and manatees are residents at SeaWorld of Florida and SeaWorld of California. The SeaWorld Externship is three weeks with the option of a fourth week.

San Diego, CA

Type of Experience: Non-domestic animal medicine - Marine Mammals, Bird, Fishes, Reptiles, Amphibians and sometimes, invertebrates.

San Antonio, TX

Description Experience: Marine mammal, aquatic and exotic animal medicine.

Chicago IL

Description The preceptorship program at the Shedd Aquarium offers exposure to the veterinary management of a large and diverse collection of fishes, marine mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, non-marine mammals and invertebrates. Students work closely with the veterinary staff (includes 3 veterinarians, a veterinary resident, 4 veterinary technicians, staff microbiologist and water quality personnel). Responsibilities are assigned based on each student's level of interest and aptitude.

Corpus Christi, TX

Type of Experience: Aquatic Medicine, Avian Medicine, Exotic, Wildlife, and Zoo Animal Medicine Practice Name: Texas State Aquarium Description Experience: Clinical experience in aquarium/zoo facility and wildlife rehabilitation facility primarily dealing with raptors and shorebirds. Externs observe and assist in public facility and may have opportunity to practice case management in wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Ruskin, FL

Description Experience: Veterinary externs are expected to assist faculty and staff with all fish health, aquaculture, and non-native species related activities at the laboratory, including assistance with extension and research.

San Diego CA

Description History The US Navy’s work with marine mammals began in the late 1950s. By understanding how dolphins move in the water, the Navy hoped to improve torpedo, ship, and submarine designs. Soon the Navy realized that dolphins would also be valuable assistants to Navy divers working in the open ocean.

Riverdale, MD

Type of Experience: The student will be working at USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service headquarters for Veterinary Services. The office is in the Washington DC metro area.

Ruskin, FL

Type of Experience: This externship is intended to provide the vet student with a hands-on experience on ornamental aquaculture, aquatic animal health and related regulatory activities - including pathogen surveillance.

Galway, Ireland

Type of Experience: Aquatic animal veterinary medicine Description Ex