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East Springs Animal Hospital


During a 4 week rotation at East Springs Animal Hospital, a student would be able to participate with doctors in out-patient service and in-patient care and surgery. Our strengths include preventive care, thorough diagnostics, and aggressive medical and surgical care when desired by the client, dental care and orthopedic surgery to include TPLO.We perform lap assisted gastropexies as well as lap oroscopic OVE and OVH. We see about 70 patients per day.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Neal Sliker; DVM, NAVPGI - emergency medicine and critical care, NAVPGI - advanced general surgery, AVMA, AAHA, Colorado Veterinary Med. Assoc, Denver Area Veterinary Society, Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society, ASIF, TPLO certified
  • Jane Sliker; DVM, NAVPGI - Dermatology, NAVPGI - thoracic medicine
  • Bret Morgan; DVM, ASIF, TPLO certified
  • Brad Bush; DVM
  • Wendy Goetsch; DVM, special interest in Applied Animal Behavior
  • Michele Coufal; DVM, certified in veterinary acupuncture
  • Ashlea Erk; VMD, certified in veterinary acupuncture

Educational Resources

  • Journals: AVMA, AAHA, AAHA Trends
  • Large library includes texts such as Ettinger, SLatter, Holmstrum, Fossum, etc.
  • Online VIN access


Previous externs have been expected to participate in daily rounds, help to devise treatment plans for in hospital patients and to practice their technical skills. We can have the extern perform some elective surgeries on pre-adoptive humane society cats and dogs as well as scrub in and assist during other surgeries and proceedures.Generally externs are here from about 8:00am until 6:00pm with a break for lunch. They can participate 4-6 days per week only limited by our hours of operation or their personal preference.

Student Supervision

At most any point in the day a student would have contact with a veterinarian.



Practice Information

East Springs Animal Hospital
5629 Constitution Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Ph: (719) 591-4545
Fx: (719) 591-4899


Updated: 1/07/09
Signature on file: Neal A. Sliker, DVM

Colorado Springs, CO
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