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Student Organizations


View list of student clubs and organizations at the College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine encourages veterinary students to supplement their formal education in areas of particular interest to them. One way this is accomplished is through the development of student organizations and clubs. Student organizations may serve as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, community service, and lasting friendships.

Definition of a Student Organization: A student organization is an association of Ohio State students created for any educational purpose that supports the vision and goals of the University set forth in the Academic Plan and Diversity Action Plan.

This information is provided to assist interested students in developing organizations that meet their specific needs. The College will provide bulletin board space in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital basement each year upon request. Student organizations are not official entities of the University.

Non-Registered Student Organizations (in house)

  • Must furnish names of current officers annually to the Office of Veterinary Student Affairs, submit a statement of purpose, name of faculty advisor, and contact information for one currently enrolled student leader.
  • 90% of the membership must be currently enrolled veterinary medical students.
  • Must allow inclusion in the on-line student resources listing of recognized student groups posted on the College web site

Registered Student Organizations (SOURCE)

  • Must have 5 members,
  • Three separate student leaders to serve as primary officers – President, Vice- President, Treasurer (none of whom may be listed as primary officer of more than 3 organizations),
  • Faculty or A&P Staff advisor who may not advise more than 3 organizations unless required by job description,
  • Student leaders must maintain a minimum quarterly GPA of 3.0,
  • 90% of the membership must be currently enrolled OSU students,
  • Must have a statement of purpose, roster, and constitution on file with Student Life, including a statement consistent with OSU's non-discrimination policy (Organizations with a sincerely held religious belief may adopt a non- discrimination policy consistent with those beliefs, if they are in contrast with the University's policy)

Registration guidelines and highlights

  • Organizations must register on-line
  • Changes to this information can ONLY be made by the primary leader through the "Manage Your Org" feature.
  • All registered student orgs require training for the following people: President, Treasurer, Advisor.
  • Registered organizations may apply for up to $200 each year for operating funds.
  • New and Re-established organizations may apply for up to $2000 per year for their programs.
  • Established organizations (at least 2 years old) may apply for up to $3000 per year.
  • Registered student organizations have access to a variety of resources offered by SOURCE.

Prohibited Activities

Student fundraising

  • Games of chance – Any activity that requires participants to pay for the chance to win something is PROHIBITED under Ohio statutes on gambling and games of chance. Only groups that have applied for and maintain 501c(3) charitable non-profit status for the IRS are exempted from this rule. Student organizations may NOT use OSU's non-profit statues for this purpose. Please go to for more details.
  • Bake Sales – Food items sold by student orgs must be both commercially pre-packaged by a licensed vendor and handled with compliance with the relevant health codes. Bake sales or barbeques can be risky because if someone becomes ill from eating food not properly prepared, the organization could be held liable.
  • Movies – If you want to show a film, in most cases you need a licensed copy of the film if it is a public performance. Visit

If you are uncertain if the activity you would like to engage in is prohibited please contact Adam Burden, Coordinator of Student Involvement at e-mail

Details of registered student organizations are available in the Office of Veterinary Student Affairs for your viewing.