DeWitt Animal Hospital

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DeWitt Animal Hospital is a 3 veterinarian, small animal general practice limited to dogs, cats and pocket pets. We provide wellness care, behavioral consultations, medical, surgical and dental services. We have digital radiography and in house lab (Lasercyte and VetTest). We have a high caseload and can have more than 50 patient visits in a day.
  • Participate in regular appointments (both wellness & sick), learning to obtain patient histories and perform complete physical exams
  • Perform diagnostic procedures such as STT, Corneal Staining, Tonometry, Blood pressures, FNA, etc.
  • Interpret bloodwork, urine/fecals, radiographs, cytology
  • Provide treatment plans
  • Perform minor surgeries, assist in major surgeries
  • Bruce C. Hill, DVM-Practice Owner-Michigan State 1980
  • Jennifer McNulty, BVSc-University of Queensland, Australia 2002
  • Jon Caughey, DVM-Ross University, St. Kitts 2009-Special Interest in Behavior
  • Mark Stamoulis, DVM-Board certified in cardiology-visits practice weekly for cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds
  • Current reference library
  • VIN access
  • Daily Rounds
  • Phone consultation access with local referral hospitals and ANTECH specialists
The student will participate in the daily activities of the hospital, working with the team to meet the needs of our clients and provide quality health services. With the permission of the client, the student will take case history and perform initial PE. The student will actively participate in client communications and education. The student is expected to have knowledge of preventive medicine and wellness care recommendations.
The student will be responsible for having a good knowledge of medicine and surgery cases. They will be asked to assist in procedures, surgeries and to voice opinions on other preventative and treatment options. Daily rounds may take place to make certain the student better understands the complexities of each case and to offer review or answer any questions the student may have. We will try to afford every opportunity possible to allow as much hands-on experiences as the student feels comfortable with.
Clinic Hours: Monday 8-6, Tuesday-Friday 8-7, Saturday 8-3
The student will have approximately forty hours per week of scheduled, supervised training. The student could have access to more if desired.
DeWitt Animal Hospital
145 Washington St.
Plainville, MA 02762
dewittah [at] dewittah [dot] comcastbiz [dot] net
Bruce C. Hill, DVM
Updated: 07/31/2012