Dates & Deadlines

  • June 5 :  VMCAS application is available on VMCAS website and supplemental application available on our website.
  • September 1:  Transcripts are due! 
  • We strongly encourage you to complete VMCAS application and submit three letters of recommendations by September 1
  • September 30: Deadline for taking the GRE and MCAT.  
  • October 2VMCAS application deadline.  Please note:  This deadline is firm!! 
  • November 1 - supplemental application is due
  • October 15:  Due date to submit official test scores (GRE or MCAT) must be received by Student Affairs.
  • April 15:  Deadline for acceptance/decline decision

All materials submitted through VMCAS (application and references) must be completed by October 2 at 1 p.m.  No exceptions!  However, we strongly encourage you to submit your VMCAS applications by September 1.  Transcripts must be submitted to VMCAS by September 1 (no exceptions).