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County Line Veterinary Service, Inc.

in a general small animal practice. This is a single veterinarian
practice, so close observation will not be a problem. This is truely a
general practice. Client education and instruction is an important part
of this practice. We do the typical vaccination, behavioral and
wellness visits, but also has the ability for further diagnositics.
There is an in house lab for most blood work, urinalysis, cultures,
cytology, and stool evaluation. We also have radiography, digital
dental radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopic capabilities. Most
likely the student will learn the proper techniques for tooth extraction
with bone grafting and some endoscopic exploratories/surgery. Come
learn that there is a place for technology even in a rural solo
not boarded, but do A LOT OF Dental Surgery and Behavioral Consulting, work very closely with local trainers
Veterinary Library in Clinic

  • Work
    35-40 hrs per week from Monday through Friday.
  • Assist with ALL aspects
    of the day to day business of a pet animal clinic.
  • Will be expected to
    assist with surgeries and diagnostic plans, also assist directly with
    client education.
Student will be working directly with owner of clinic, at all times.
With arrangements
County Line Veterinary Service, Inc
15090 Louisville St NE

Minerva, Ohio 44657
Paul W. Buck, DVM
Updated: 02/09/11
Minerva, OH
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