Countryside Veterinary Service, MI

Number of students reviewing: 
Average student review (out of five): 

Type of Experience:

Primarily Large Animal; 70% Dairy, 20% Equine, 5% Caprine, rest Beef, Camelid and others. We do also have an associated busy Small Animal Clinic.

Description Experience:

Relatively large (5 veterinarians on the road) primarily dairy and equine practice, with some goats, beef cattle, and camelids rarely seen. Our equine practice is heavily concentrated in routine vaccination, sick animals, dentistry, and reproduction. Our dairy practice is primarily ultrasounding, surgery, records evaluation and instruction in English and Spanish.

Institutional Resources:

  • Dr. Crosley (Purdue 79)32 years experience with dairy and equine, speaks Spanish and does meetings for Hispanic employees.
  • Dr. Videto (Ross 2000)does much work with regulatory testing for animals destined to other countries. He is interested and has extra education in calf preventitive medicine and treatment.
  • Dr. Skinner (MSU 95)practiced for 9 years in California and has interest in Dairy management and mastitis control.
  • Drs. Kiefer (OSU 08) and Carpenter (MSU 08) are rapidly gaining experience in ultrasound and surgery as well as developing interests in other subjects.

Educational Resources Available:

Countryside Veterinary Service holds annual producer meetings for dairymen (March)and equine clientelle(May). Drs. Crosley, Videto, and Kieffer actively monitor and occationally participate in the discussions on AABP-L and Dr. Crosley also monitors AAEP-L. All of our veterinarians attend continuing education meetings every year. We have a Doctors meeting once per month to discuss procedure, cases, continuing issues and make practice decisions.

Responsibilities Expected of Participating Students:

It is expected that students will treat veterinarians and clients with respect and professionalism. We expect our students to be patient but ready to participate in on farm and at clinic activities

Student Supervision:

Students can avail themselves of experience between 8-12 hours per day 5 days a week. If desired they can also go with the veterinarian on call during the weekend, but that is an opportunity and not a requirement. Students generally attend with several different veterinarians during their rotation.

Is Student Housing Available?:

Students generally stay with Dr. & Mrs. Crosley at their home at no charge for room and board.

Practice Name:

Countryside Veterinary Service


14247 E Chicago Rd
Somerset, MI 49281

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Email Address:

cvsoffice [at] aol [dot] com

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Clinical Supervisor of Elective:

Greg Crosley DVM

Updated: 4/28/11