Colerain Day

May 6, 2011

Students from Colerain and the College of Veterinary Medicine prepare for a fun day with the animals.

Colerain students meet some of their animal friends.

Little animals that squirm can be funny.

Learning how to approach an animal.

Learning how to pet an animal appropriately.

It is fun to hold small furry animals.

Looking at small animal specimens.

Let's take a look at some of the farm animals.

Large animals can be just as nice as small animals.

This is what a baby cow looks like.

Happy holding the leash of his favorite dog.

This is what the bones of a horse look like.

Getting ready to have some fun with our hands.

Quacking like a duck!

Cover your ears!

Oh no, my animal has gotten away again!

Open arms for the animals we love.

Even our pets need a little exercise.

C'mon, you can run with us too!

Taking a little time out for some human love.

Learning fun in the library.

Animal crafts.

More animal crafts.

Busily coloring our favorite animals.

More crafts.

Writing our names on our shirts.

Everyone gets a College of Veterinary Medicine Alumn Society tee shirt.

Autographs from the veterinary students.

Lending a helping hand to those in need.

Thank you College of Veterinary Medicine for coming to our school!