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Coldwater Animal Clinic


Mixed Animal Practice:

  • 50% Small Animal
  • 50% Large Animal: 80% Dairy; 5% Beef; 5% Sheep/Goat; 5% Equine; 5% Swine


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Students will be able to spend some time with Dr. Barnes of Cooper Farms. They are a company which feed and raise turkey, chicken and hogs on a corporate level.

    Educational Resources

    Library of books, journals and computers


    • Dress and behave in a professional manner
    • Student is expected to ask a lot of questions
    • Student will be exposed to emergency work

    Student Supervision

    40 hours/week


    Yes, clinic has shower and can get a cot for the doctor's office or conference room.

    Practice Information

    Coldwater Animal Clinic
    110 Harvest Drive
    Coldwater OH 45828

    Ph: 419-678-4071
    Fax: 419-678-8338


    Updated: 5/12/10
    Signature On File: Urban M. Seger, DVM

    Coldwater OH
    Elective categories: